The story behind my depression

I want to say before this gets banned but i want to tell this to the people who care about me on the fourm (you know who you are) but i have a severe case of depression it started when i was 4 my father passed away from a heart attack because of a overdose i was in the room and it was traumatizing for me i remember the last words he said and the last breath he had to make things worse i was abused by my moms boyfriend for 8 years, i ran away when i was 17 i didnt have the prefect childhood that everykid wants growing up and i try to make it that way for my kid but i dont get to see him at all anymore since my wife left me (i caught her sleeping with my boss) she took almost everything i had my house, my car, and my best friend Lela my pitbull
I am now living in a 1 bedroom apartment in Florida i find enjoyment in this game but i have the worst luck but im done playing the game since these past event its all P2W and im done im not saying the game has caused my depression but its pushing it, i dont see how anyone can find happiness in life when all i see is sorrowful nights that i spend crying my self to sleep i am 34 years old now and i dont see a point in life i really dont i just dont understand why god has put me here on this planet when all i have been is a disappoint to everyone i meet i cant be happy for a day i just wish all my problems could go away, im not looking for attention im posting this for the people who have been pm me and asked me about this and i wanted to put this out there im just another person on the planet and this is my story


Hi Don, sorry to hear of your troubles, life is a bitch sometimes but you have had it rough, you’re better off without the wife, what a bitch, I would of shit in her hand bag!

Is there any local support groups local to you? You need to join something that will get you out of your apartment for a short while?

Walking outside in a park helps, I suffer from PTSD, I’m having EMDR treatment which s working wonders, have you got access to anything similar?

I wish you well my friend and remember it’s always darkest before dawn


I created this account for u. I’ve watched this chat since I don’t remember when. Please seek help. From friends, family, me if needs be.


Does your support group have a phone number you can call? Maybe get another user to visit you or you them?

They are there to help, they would hate to think you are feeling like this and they don’t know.


Im not suicidal but i get visited regularly every wendsday and sunday it helps to know that someone form my sessions cares about me to visit me we play mario kart 8 and alot of ps4 games like fortnite and fallout and its really great
His name is ryan and he isnt paid or anythig ti visit me he just dose it because he knows what ive been through and he understands me


U have told us random ppl something u wouldn’t tell most. And I hope we can help in some shape or form. Please always consider that ppl care for you.


Dude I love fallout and play fortnight… not good. And got a ps4. I work all weekend but I’ll private message u my ps4 name. Let’s play monday. We use games to take us away from bullcrap. Not to make us feel crappy.


I dont have a microphone or anything but that would be nice


So im new. How do i send a private message?

You can’t if you’re new. It’s granted after a while.

Well if I can’t send a message. Message me sharp with ur ps4 name privately.

Apparently you having a mic and being nice is offensive… smh people


This is what im talking about i cant post anything without negativity

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Well if anyone can do a ps4 invite and do the man a solid I’d appreciate it.

Scopely should give everyone a purple token. Games should be fun and make us happy and relax not dissapointed at every corner


Really disappointed to see that somebody cares so little about this person reaching out that they would flag him. I would also like to commend those who have commented in kindness. Everybody is dealing with things and it takes so little to show others kindness but can mean so much. Donald you aren’t alone and you can always message me if you need to talk. Stay strong <3


Internet is terrible when looking for help. Hopefully I helped a little. Once I meet some quota here we can play eye

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Rts and ps4 together. I’m not new anymore apparently.


Im pretty sure its discobot flagging our shit… never liked this dude i cant stand him


I lost my father when I was 3, and my earliest childhood memories are when we had a trampoline in the living room and me and my dad would jump on it… bringing a tear to my eye right now.

I can feel the depression part, I went through it growing up ‘god has a plan… what plan? Took my father away from me. Everyone around me is always disappointed at my action, nothings ever good enough’ but honest there’s always something to look forward to.

Like in ur post you said you play some games with someone from ur grp that is great and I’d love to jam som Fortnite with you and talk buddy!

PSN is MATAEJO hit me up :slight_smile:

P.s. I never had an account here till I saw this post keep ur head up and ur thoughts positive.