The state of Region Transfers

A little while ago you created a tournament of champions event that opened up regions that were included in this event. many of those regions were infiltrated with super whale factions that took over by night the whole region and rightly so angered many teams who already had an established relationship with their teams and players. This caused a fair bit of anger to which many boycotted TOc and others exploited as such.

But what about the other regions, Well I for one had moved to an active region a while back for a renewed gaming experience which was short lived as many teammates ended up finishing or going somewhere else due to super whale factions coming in and taking over the place.

Now let’s not get it wrong, region transfers was a much needed thing as many regions were dying and closed for large periods of time so they couldn’t recruit thus couldn’t war. BUT for many region transfers almost broke their gaming experience because teams would feel like 2 super whale factions in 1 region is daft so they find lower down regions and basically mine it until players quit or move themselves. Its become a never ending cycle.

But somewhat needed …

Now we get onto the main point in hand, when you released the blazing hot rewards TOC event you did so days into a stash event … One of the reasons I couldnt move was that i already paid actual money into the stash and wasnt going to waste that money to move not knowing the transfers would be locked for months on end well after stash finished and a new stash would emerge … but was starting to see a pattern here

well before the TOC event you also released a few wars where you were obviously ranking regions in terms of activity and strength. BUT the big failure with this was as soon as you added the TOC event, regions were drastically changed with factions moving in and out of these TOC regions

and now the point is made where an almost dead region like mine (Elmore) is ranked in Wave 1 so we can’t move out into our old region or anywhere else (IMPORTANTLY) on our level of strength/level/activity and all we get is super factions coming in and taking over once again.

There needs to be a balance on all of this. I say this as someone who has only transferred ONCE

Region transfers should never have happened. Instead, region mergers would have been a much better solution. But thats too late now.


yep i thought and said on the forums, mix dead regions together, the whole region/faction transfer was easily exploitable to dominate other regions, instead of quick bucks and competing, they pushed players away, made scouting harder

I was in high activity wave 3, went to scout in low activity wave two and came like 300th with a score of under 1,000 from going through the tutorial in the level up.

Región transfers and mergers would benefit us but only if we’re given proper info about where we’re going, as I said many times.

Needless to say I did not transfer to that particular wave 2.

yes, theres so much that can go wrong with transferring. Scouting has become a danger because you gte someones word that they are a good player, make room for them and they turn out to be duds, or they could be too good for your team etc

problem is my fac just cant compete with the big boys, war is a shit show, arenas is mental having 3-4 S class toons etc. And were told to lump it if we want to bail

Region transfers were a good thing. They tried merging regions and it failed. But after transfers were open a while, things settled down as people found new homes. But the option to transfer again was always there. It’s locking them back up, and restricting where people can go that is the problem. Had they never done ToC everyone would still be happily able to stay or move at their discretion.

ToC was just an excuse though. A stepping stone to get where we are now. And considering they are still trying to manipulate and micromanage the process, it tells me we aren’t done yet. The “wave transfers” were just the next stepping stone in their plan. And i am so not looking forward to seeing what’s next…

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Merging regions only makes that the current regions will fall apart more slowly, it doesnt solve anything, only delays it. I also plays Margic Rush Heroes, on my history they have make 4 server mergion but after 1 month the new server is desert and filled with whaley players… so its not a good option.

For me keeping away from TOC and wave 1 regions was the best decision for my game’s experience

I didn’t move at all either. When the ToC transfers started it just didn’t sound good to me. And leaving so many questions unanswered, and giving so little actual information just told me they knew we wouldn’t like the answers. So i stay, in my ever shrinking wave 3 region. And i will not pay to move anywhere, unless it is where I want, when I want.

Even knowing we wouldnt like their plan, if they had been a bit less shady and more honest about their plans, I would have been more willing to consider moving than I have been.

maybe merge dead regions, although not as active, they would have won alot of first place rewards so wouldnt be a terrible roster

also another possibility would be that all who wanted to move could have had the option to move to NEW ONLY Regions. its a possibility but it would have been a lot better rather than have super factions hold regions hostage and push people to move or quit

…and its Mister Captain Hindsight to you thank you

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