The Stalemate Problem or Why We Need Towers Back


So there seems to be a lot of support for towerless wars, but it properly screwed my faction. We dropped several spots between part 1 and 2 despite no real drop in que times or effort. So the only change would’ve been external. And the only big external change was towers.

The problem was that it absolutely killed our pacing. Wars start as usual, that’s all great and good. But then it would get down to about 4 out of 16 people with the best defenses left and everything would just stop. Normally when there’s a particularly tough defense team you would just take the towers and get enough of an edge to plow through em, but without the towers: there is no edge for either side. Instead it’s just defends or hits with only 2 or 3 left alive for little damage. The ends of these wars would just drag on and on with both sides scoring little to none. No one ever repaired because things could turn at any moment and then they’d just come back to a squash match. No one coined either because the spenders have the best defenses so they were the last ones left and all the FTP that’d been destroyed aren’t wasting their coins on that crap.

For the sake of those faction in the middle, please reinstate towers. And to those that are just gonna post about how I should git guud I’d like to remind you that just because you didn’t experience a problem doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.


I do not like OP towers and I do not like NO towers. Find that middle ground. Were people complaining about towers 2 months ago, a year ago? If they want to give out high attack bonus then make it so each tower is 25%. Get all 3 and you have 75%. Makes taking and holding all towers more important and worth strategizing about. And then it doesn’t lead to 1 faction always getting the huge bonus right at the start. A lot easier to get 1 or 2 out of 3 then only having 1 to fight over.


Same exact scenario here a few times. Lead to us either retreating or teddying up to let them end the stalemate. Especially since the 20% general bonus remained. Teams were actually putting their best players behind the general.


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