The solution to regions dying

Now we are all seeing our regions dying. Last war was a big wakeup call for me when I realised only 15 teams were seriously competing in our region (I know other regions are worse and I feel for you but you too would benefit from this).

If you enjoy and care about this game then there is really only one solution. It’s not easy and I know I’ll receive a lot of hate for it but anyway, here goes:

  1. War is our favourite part of the game but fewer teams are competing.
  2. The reason fewer teams are competing is that trying to war against people with 6* teams when you’re a newb is impossible.
  3. Therefore, a drastic restructuring of the region is necessary.

So how do we do that?

  1. The top 5-10 factions need to disband.
  2. Divide your faction into 3 and 10 team members should join another newb faction.
  3. This would then create between 15-30 new factions who would be competitive.

The real problem with this game started with all the spenders moving to the top, creating super factions that were unbeatable. Scopely didn’t stop it because they became rich from the profits. However, this is killing our game right now. So why should you consider it?

  1. It longer makes sense to be in a “top faction”. Gone are the days where you gained a new 5* toon every week when they were nigh on impossible to achieve. Scopely has realised this was a toxic economy and rightly made changes.
  2. Your regions would be reborn again and just imagine how much fun would be generated by a war where the outcome was not already known.
  3. I think you might be underestimating how much joy can be had from helping out lower ranking players and turning them into complete badasses.
  4. In this scenario you don’t need to or should expect coining during war so should be able to return to a cheaper game economy.

I realise this is the last thing anyone in a top faction wants to hear but anyway I said it :slight_smile:


Us toppies arent gonna disband and play with inactive scrubs, its never gonna happen,

As vetramont said, they need to work on merging regions instead of easter egg hunts and new avatar pics.


Agreed on how Scopely should be introducing the next wave of players but its not happening so…

I hear you, but how are region merges going to help the dwindling pool of players?

I totally agree but surely you can see that region merges are only a short term solution? In a dwindling population, region merges introduce new active players from different regions, but do nothing to address the dwindling population that will eventually strangle the game.

So as much as my solution is uncomfortable it still stands as a plausible solution right?

But why? All I see in this forum is people complaining about rewards? Why not just play the game to the current meta where being #1 is less important :slight_smile:

My problem with that is, i’d sooner quit then leave my faction to go sit in another faction that sits 7/8 or 4/6 for three hours waiting for a war


All they really have to do is make it so there isn’t any factions in both regions for 1 week prior to a merge, then move players over individually, this should only take 7 to 10 days, barring there are no problems. Then we can make our factions all over again, or join a new faction if your heart desires. When the merge has taken place, or before, they need to purge the old non-playing people. This would help with cleaning up a server. Move all dead accounts to the old region.

Yes and save yourself a fortune!!

Yes I see but what advantage does that give you in a dying region? Possibly marginally better rewards than the top 100th faction but a player base which is dying out.

The solution to dying regions would be region mergers, which was said to be rolling out (via in game msg) a long time ago

At this rate, make me able to fill up the remaining war que spots with bots. The bots have teams of 5 burts, they do not attack and they cannot be repaired. The opposing team gets the same number of points in the same amount of time (pretty much by 48 min on the war clock) the only difference being I don’t have to wait 30min to an hour + for teammates who have lost interest to join the war party and then not participate anyway

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No that’s wrong, By definition Whales are addicts and one thing that’s true of addicts is they’ll never do anything for anybody else unless forced.

Well then I think you might have a problem with mobile games. I wish the very best to you :slight_smile:

Addict: someone who cant resist doing something again

Whale: person who spends a lot of money

Free to players can be more addicted than whales

All i heard was top players join lazy players and spend to get them better prizes.



Fudgie the whale doesn’t take crap from no one. Take that f2p. :wink:


Your solution will put way too much money in scopely pockets as ppl tend to spend more when it’s a close competition, region merger is the only real solution for the dying region issue

Aren’t you lucky. My region is locked with about 11 active factions, so we can’t even get new members. We’re making the best of our situation but it’s not looking good for us.

Regions will even die faster this way, if me and my faction mates split up in 3 groups with other players from the same region we will not have more wars but less because my region is already going down. This will cause that the players who split up gotta wait a long time in war Q before they even get matched, players will be frustrated and leave sooner.

I think the solution from this problem don’t gotta come from the players but from scopely, after all it’s not the players fault.

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