The roadmap for capitalizing on region migration

Region migration is good news to pretty much everyone here. The problem is the nuts and bolts of the system can either be game saving or game breaking. It’s going to boil down to quite a few different things. Some of this list will be popular, others will be unpopular, but it’s the truth as I see it.

  1. Do not open dead regions up for transfers. The reason people from these regions quit when merged is because of new competition where they couldn’t hang. Lots of people are already talking about bringing their very solid factions to these regions because they can easily dominate the locals and have no competition. This will run off lots of the locals. Leave these regions closed(and close the remaining dead ones) and those players who wish to continue having no competition can, those who wish to transfer out to other regions can. The solution is to consolidate into less regions, rather than spreading into more.

  2. Allowing one or two free moves, but restricting after that. This will stop the issues with players region hopping and keep relationships lasting. In other games, players wait and move to new regions as soon as the date on them marks them open. It keeps the competition down for them and stifles the new players within these regions. Allowing a limited number of moves solves this provlem.

  3. Severely restrict the age of regions able to accept transfers. A year should be a minimum. Same reasons as the ones above.

  4. Improve rewards as players are consolidated into less regions. The retirement epidemic is largely due to poor rewards. Migration does not solve this issue, it simply places a bandaid on them. Improving the rewards keeps players engaged and active, making the progress gained from this change a lasting progress instead of a temporary fix.

  5. Double up on efforts to remove cheaters and toxic players. Same basic concept as #4.

  6. Fix broken content(territories being a perfect example). When limited time events for territories start happening in newly revitalized regions and players see their games crashing causing them to lose out on valuable rewards, they are not going to be happy. Territories needs to be fixed or the increased competition will cause more grief when things don’t work correctly.

This all needs to be part of a larger package to fix the game across the board rather than being a bandaid to cover the gaping wound.


As players, we need to realize this change will give us lots of good changes and some bad. Many regions will see increased competition, revitalization, easier recruiting, etc. but many others will see the opposite effect. They’ll see players leave to go to other regions, they’ll see recruiting get harder, etc.

For dominant active regions, they should see an influx of new people. For dead regions, they should see a large outflow if people. For those regions in the middle, you have the hardest choices. Anyone in the larger line chats should have seen one thing already. There will be competition for recruitment. For those middle of the road #1 factions the reality is this. Most of these factions wish to stay where they are and maintain their control over their fiefdoms. What this realistically means is, most people in your position will want the same things. They won’t want to go anywhere either. So, to see real change with this, aside from trickling of members to and from your region, you should consider making the change yourself instead of depending on others to make a change and being lucky enough to be where they decide to come to.

We should all have a long talk with our factions about if we want to stay where we are, if we want to move to somewhere more active, if we want to move to somewhere less active, etc. my suggestion to everyone would be to develop a plan based on how you enjoy playing the game and decide what you want to do from there. If you want to change regions to be a part of something bigger, choose something established, so you don’t end up being in the same position many players who start in a new region are trapped in. Big choices on the way, I wish you all the best.


I think they should allow new players move to an older region if they want to, based on equality principles. What’s the point of leaving dead region closed just hanging there, let the small players group there with a less intense competition, it’ll get balanced by itself imho

Agree transfers should be limited to older regions . Also there should be a limit on transfers maybe 1 every 4 to 6 months.

They said they would restrict ages of regions in the announcement post. Hopefully they keep their word on that.

Nicely written post. Interesting times ahead indeed.

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This is already happening to some extent, it’s whg scopely continues to open new regions. It gives new players a place to go without the burden of 2 year old accounts. It’s also why they likely won’t allow transfers into newer regions.

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