The Rise To Power Pt. 2 stash will be IMPOSSIBLE

This is actually ridiculous… 375 cost for a single pull… And there’s 86 pulls! Y’all are crazy. I understand that it’s a bit early to call this, but I doubt that anyone will be able to get the weapon except extreme “whales”. Please fix this, or maybe make the weapon worth the cost.


Haha of course they’d do that… so rick then wheel it is!!

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Geez. We’ll have to somewhat try for Rick, but no one, not even whales are getting that

My guess is that this means there will be a featured RTP crate in the store, giving about 10k to a measly 100 tokens. It’ll take 32250 tokens to get everything in there. Figure the RNG will give you the worst to manageable results so those with saved up coins can have the best chance of getting Rick and even dabble in the 2nd stash for legendary gear. Shit, I need 3 target dummies.

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I will go out on a limb here and say some of our Russian comrades will complete both stashes and the wheel… Just a guess though :woman_facepalming:

How the hell we gone get all them tokens in time

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Jav when did you join the forums bro lmao

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Sorry, but how were you able to see the second stash?

Honestly that knife is nothing special. Could max 5% more than others you can build ur self but imo not worth it. The gear in there is more valuable but at that cost better to go with the wheel of misfortune.

Is a couple of fanny packs and Burt bags worth it over guaranteed gear? I mean, if they do roll out the crates, it’ll be worth it even if it gives me 3 extra pulls. Might even do a pull anyway.

Why couldn’t they throw some of that gear in with the 1st part of the Rick stash?


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I said some haha

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I saw the leak in another thread here. Now, in one of my line chats, I got the full leak. 1519640845392151964084161015196408382111519640843660

Honestly the stuff itself is good, but it’s just too extreme.

Geez, I normally give Scopely a lot of :poop: but sometimes you guys are too much for even me lol. It didn’t even cross your mind that the weapon (plus other super rare gear) was for premium players? Scopely is giving away another VERY good Ascendable toon to FTP players. I’m not going to be greedy and ask for more, because I remember a time, not long ago, when we were begging for ascendables and getting zilch!

No offense, but it seems like some people will just never be happy.


This assumes FTP is going to get enough to clear the stash and get Rick. Only 3 pulls from all the events and roadmaps after SR tourney. 3 per week translates into 12 for the event. They’re going to have to step up the pace a lot or the Rick stash alone will be PTP.

That’s true. I’m just going off of the wording of the in-game message. It did insinuate that we could choose to get Rick or get gear from the wheel. I also think we’ll get a lot of tokens from the Rise To Power event that’s currently live … but perhaps I’m wrong.

It would help if Scopely was clear that we would receive enough tokens to unlock Rick as long as you’re an active player, but then you’d have to define “Active” lol. To be fair, they’ve always given us enough to get these toons in the past. (Wyatt, Maggie, Dwight or Jesus in that previous event).

But yes, because of the dynamic of this event, we could use some type of heads up. I’m sure many players would choose to use their tokens on Gear pulls if they knew ahead of time, that they would never get enough for Rick.

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If kalishane is planning on getting rick I’m sure we all can

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