The rise of 6* Dale



Hello to all you TWD fans & players.

It is time for a new era. The era of Dale. Would it not be Dale_icious if Dale would become a 6* star legend?! Think about it for a moment. Just your regular old geeser that slays or shoots his way true all those angry walkers and 6* toons.

Would that not be fanfreakingtastic? I already contacted the scopely support directly and they said that i should post it here. So here it is!

But i need all your support to make this rolemodel citizen a legend. So please, please help me out here and Lets make this happen. If the whole community backs my plan scopely can not reply right? Lets show them the force of our TWD community and do this!

Spread the word among your faction and region and see if scopely can give us Dale as a Christmas present

Depending on your support and with kind regards.

Alex Zwiep (Troubadour)
Raider Nation
Barbour region

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Ho ho ho wait a minute! Were is 6* Dale?

I’d rather have 6* MARK!


You had me at Dale_icious.


I’d rather have 6* Romanov! Mega flamethower :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You put a 6* Dale out and I will do an immediate 40 pull. And you can literally take that to the bank. If you do it before Christmas I will promise to do an 80 pull. Dale needs to be a 6*.


Dale is a great toon he comes in many models and the number of coins spend to get him is amazing. Even as a three star he is almost unstoppable in that hat! Yes Dale would be an amazing 6 star toon. His leadership qualities could be amazing


Dale would be an amazing 6 star, Scopely do this.


Ar would be stun 5 using Dale face…IMG_1253


Nice suggestion!


DALE YEAH! I want a 6 * Dale!


Let the mighty dale happen!
It’s going tibia ok scopley,
Make an active skill regardling how sassy he was or at least his Ar rush!image


Give us dale not coal for christmas


Daleryl please


6* dale would morph into an rv :stuck_out_tongue:



This dale cracks me ar rush dales wisdom :joy::joy::joy:


lol thats perfect


I think his rush should be “still got it” or “viagra schmiagra” and it adds +atk/def/heals any and all Andreas.


AR (69)-Gotta love em young-Deals 690% damage to up to 3 enemies and revives all Andreas with 69% bonus hP


Red romanov tbh hes better


What about ‘Gabriel’???