The Return of My Level Up Calc?

So I’ve recently come back to the forums, I haven’t been on them since the old forums. But about two years ago I made this thing and published it on those forums and Scopely even shared it on FB and twitter. A Level Up Calculator ( ) I eventually took it down because of people being ungrateful and just hostile, but I continue to get emails since then as well as posts to bring it back.

I’m curious, is this something that you all want to come back? Would Scopely be willing to open up the 6* exp charts for me to use? lets see some feedback.

P.S. do not keep requesting access to the old sheet, it has not been updated in two years, I have a private beta v1.3 that has SR toons and Prestige and etc but no 6* data. that will be the biggest thing to decide.




the new one allows up to 50 characters, calculates gear, trade in values of food and gear etc. ive used hacksys. it never impressed me which is one of the reasons I made the new one. it also still doesnt use 6* data

Noone levels 50 at once. Gear calculation, trade in Values are obsolete now. One QUICK hacksys check fixes everything.


Yes bring it back please! :smiley:

I managed to kinda hack in 6* T1-3 into your original for myself but they were just guesses based on the assumption that they mirrored the previous tier values. EG 4* T4 was the same as 5* T3 taking a wild guess that 5* T4 would be the same as 6* T3. But somehow I managed to break something and now I have the option of a 5th tier… fail :frowning:

We need you sage :slight_smile:

I’ve filled it twice over now :stuck_out_tongue: I had to add extra lines for myeslf, its great to keep track of what I am prioritising and to make sure I have enough gear to tier up who I need to.

If I had my characters in an updated sage sheet I wouldn’t have tiered wyatt up to T3 and wasted the last of my gloves that I needed for shieva T4 :frowning:

Ignore the haters Sage, they just have nothing better to do with their time. They even find free time to flag my post above :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh…so it’s a tool for people with mental disabilities. Then bring it back. Everyone should play RTS.


Haha that’s funny

I didn’t realise I had a mental disability because I made mistakes, good to know :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I miss your file, I see in the old forum. I’m working in a guide and calculator but in Spanish, I hope finish about one month:

I use my own calculator which has all the 6★ data. Could never be arsed making it into a version usable by the community but if you want to use any of it, even just base data, I’m happy to help

yea ill dm you.


I never have and never will understand why anybody would or need to use any level up calculator, just level up, don’t worry about all the small details. Can someone please explain to me why they feel the need to use this and in the long run what do they get out of it?

There you go.

If anyone is going to do something for others in this game as a hobby then go for it @Sage. I honestly have not seen one of these yet but yours and the one @Unknownnn posted are the first calculators I have messed with.

Thank you.

It’s not a good idea to share email here on the forum, and make sure it isn’t linked to any important information or you can be doxxed.

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Haha, I can explain to you. For those of us who make the calculator, it’s fun; Personally, I like to take statistics, and program web applications. Secondly, I thought, if I’m going to do something that serves as a reference to know if I have a chance to win an lvl up, why not share it with others if I’m going to do it anyway?


Thanks for the advice