The release of Erika

The sad thing is they clearly haven’t learned from there mistakes. This is the whole 5* power creep all over again, she is now the benchmark for all new toons, exactly like characters like konrad, pryia or blue michone was for 5*.

This will back them into a corner, as any new character has to be at least on par if not better if they want to sell them , so toons like yvette , beta or rosita wont sell anymore,so they will have to push for better and better characters to keep maintaining the profits she will bring for them, except most the community has given up throwing cash at new toons as they are simply invalidated a month or two down the line.

6* Was supposed to be all about re balancing the game and bringing old unusable toons back into line and viability , but shortsightedness and need for short term profits over long term viability wins again, and when thy look back in a couple of years time and wonder how such a successful and well recognized ip failed they can look back to moments like this and the stat buff on the eve of war and reflect on there decision.

Much like Star wars battlefront 2 and EA , Scopley werent content with getting a little money of their playerbase, they wanted to squeeze every last penny from them and have sacrificed gameplay to do so, and have not been able to keep the promises they made, Its such a shame, as the concept is great, the CEO’s and the live ops team just need a big slap to wake up in the real world where money doesnt grow on trees.


So true. Sadly.


Really sad that if they took different outlook they’d make far more in all purchases.

I don’t spend in this game but in other games I do. Those games have reasonable prices, and if buy something it’s usually guaranteed. Not dependent on RNG. That’s heavily weighed towards getting garbage.

I get nicked and dimed in other games but I do spend. I refuse to spend 100.00 for a 40 pull to get a shit ton of 3s, and a 5 I can’t use. I only tap joy for a long, long time, because of all the points mentioned above, and then some.

Meanwhile most my roster remains useless in wars and raids, I roll with a team I hate, playing a game I love that’s being run into the ground by a stubborn company that refuses to put players first. We need another spand steerike like months ago. Even more depressing, is that’s the only way Scopes will listen.


I honestly believed the 6* and player promise would be a huge change in the right direction.

But they have obviously looked at profits and gone into panic mode.

They weren’t prepared to wait it out…need more profits now.
Probably to get more partners involved…

Slow death…it will take awhile…but it’s coming.
I’ll keep playing but I’m not buying anymore 6s now…what’s the point.
You but 5
, can’t ascend due to not having food, Survivors, xp Missions, can’t use 5* version…
I can’t buy unto like I did with Konrad.

Also I’ve been wondering.

When they said they plan on Ascending every 5*…where was they planning to make money…?
Anyone can see that was not going to happen. When players were used to farming it.

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I dont think she’ll be that much of a problem unless you run a green heavy carl team. Mirabelle lead with Ty and his decap, blue Dwight, Siddiq and bye bye Erika and friends.

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Your missing the entire point, as one character she is a better healer than any of the dedicated healing toons out there, she has the best lead skill in the game currently , and more importantly she can hold a stun weapon. oh and dont forget the revive ability.
Your also forgeting that she wont be alone in a team, you stick evasion govenor in their and he becomes an absolute pain to kill, same with indom abe, lets say you have a konrad, thats another major problem.

She does far to many things in one character that if she did just one of say lead skill and healer she would still be top tier, but she gives bonus hp as well


The game is dying, I’m more and more surprised every day when I see people still spending


Lol i got 11k coins saved from the daily pass and tapjoy think this maybe the time to finally use them , dont think im gonna ever have this many again

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We need to stop spending on powercreeps to change it, so it won’t be happening:)


It’s a catch 22, she’s almost certainly going to be the new meta so if there was ever a toon in the past couple of months to spend on its here, but by doing so it promotes to scopley that they need to keep selling these types of characters


It’s the bonus HP that takes this ■■■■■■ next level…

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Yeh almost certainly, just compare her to yvette who’s supposed to be a pure healer, she gives it to 5 people instead of yvette who only does it to, 3 people

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I wonder how the mechanic will work as well with AR. Does the heal and bonus HP kick in before the revive? Otherwise hello completed revived toon with bonus HP ready to rock.

Ive been waiting to see when they actually do something like that. So far, the 6s have levelled up the playing field between spenders and free to play gamers. This could not last long as the spenders need to have some advantage for their money (which i think is fair) but this is too much: this lead skill, revive, heal etc.

But you know what, give it a couple of months for the 6s shield toon to be released and the meta will change again.


Guess I’ll wait for that shield then ! This game is all about farming now so why not farming coin$

If you are a lucky F2P with a couple of Ty’s she’ll be first target. Make a couple of Double attacks and you might be able to drop her first round and if you’ve got Yumi or Abe that’ll even up the odds. Given most spenders have stuns coming out of the wazzoo most of your team will be out of action. If there was a barker, zeke, or negan behind that Erika as well you are going to get fucked quickly.

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It will be before revive just like Amy does

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Why can we say fuck and fucked but not ■■■■■■. What is more offensive about fuck er?

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I dunno, I’m not drinking this Kool Aid. Ya Erica is a bad ass bitch I admit but I don’t think she is as ‘end all’ as you guys make out. She does nothing to ‘cripple’ the enemy team such as confuse every other turn like Priya or stun on every attack and possibly even more then 1 target like a Teresa and when played on Defense she is just going to get take out ASAP. She has great skills but no specialist skill and IMO the weakest active skill. I rate her very high but not off the charts.

I could definitely also argue the ‘best lead skill’ comment someone made. I think Erica is better for offense then defense and that being said you would rather NOT have those tanky lead skills there but rather something more offense i.e. Attack and/or bonus to AP build.

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Erika is like Priya was to epics, compared to the other 6*s. That’s the problem.

And again, this game is 5v5, not 5vErika.