The red cake event

I have a butt load of red velvet cake and can do nothing with it, I can’t claim a character because I guess in order to do so i already have to have the character. So honestly what is the point of it?





Lets hope they do a character almost at least everyone or half the players have. They should do like a classic 6* (Brand new like the old ones/Basically ones that were out first.)

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Like, maybe a set of 2 out of like, the first 15?

Ezekiel, Rosita, Tyreese, Shiva, Negan, Carl, Viktor, Mirabelle, Abraham, Yumiko, Wyatt, Barker, Sandy, Hershel, or Shane, perhaps

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Red cake is a mechanic to reward past spenders for their purchases now that they’ve been devalued.

Just collect them, there’s no downside to having them.

I have Kirkman negan (Didn’t he have a event or something. If not I single pulled him. Abe and yumiko? Which one? Green abe, tough abe? And Blue yumiko or tough yumiko? I have wyatt. Wyatt, Abe, Yumiko and Negan
(Green, Green, Yellow, Yellow)

these ones, first 15

I have Carl, Viktor, Wyatt, and Mirabelle from the 15 I listed :woman_shrugging:

Oh. Thanks.

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You can gift them to me :grin:

I’m sure @Gov can make this happen


how about just trade cake for choice box? solves the problem of having toons. course this would mean scopely cares for players and not money this time

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Bump. Tons of cake going to spoil at this rate.

Give your useless cakes to your Chihuahua pups

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For real these cakes are useless and yet they give them out in war and wherever else

Red velvet cake is chocolate. RIP little Chihuahua pups…

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Chihuahuas can’t eat chocolate cake?

They could have the vanilla ones though.

They all have little sombreros

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Tres leches cake, then?

That sounds good