The recent Asian leaks are related to the latest novel

Because comic died it seems scopley are moving on to the latest novel which is set in China
One of the leaks you may have seen is zhu
Zhu happens to be in that novel I assume that we are going to see a lot more asains with titles typhoon
For those that were wondering why all the leaks where peodomitly asain I hope your question is answered


I never asked a question to begin with


thanks @Mysterion

You look like my neighbor who pours cooking oil out his window.

Smh, you’re back 🤦

He’s called Zhu Zhu? Gotta say, after 3 years in China I’ve never come across a Chinese person called the equivalent of Smith-Smith/Brown-Brown/Jones-Jones/Robinson-Robinson etc. Lazy writing.

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Don’t dis him that man’s a absolute player
Man was like yo theres a zombie apocalypse and the governments down imma start a relationship ship with English tutor

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