The reason why I have stopped spending on premier recruits


Hey @Dash,

Here is why I stopped running my luck on the new premier promo characters that you churn out.

Firstly I stopped since the 6* ascension happened. Not because I was outraged at that all my previously bought 5s value had been decreased. Simple because I’ve been ascending the characters I already have. I have mariboobs, Carl, shiva, Ezekiel, negan, Abraham and two tryresse. I have ascended 4 of the 8 to 6 tier 3. I have the other 4 waiting for either, elite gear or ultra rare gear or enough cannon fodder 5s or 5 trainers. Once I ascend two more I will not have enough legendary medals, gear or 5* fodder to ascend any more 5*s and my progress will come to a stand still.

Due to this I will not be buying any premier characters that you make. Why? I simply won’t be able to do anything with them. I won’t even be able to get a 5* to tier 3 without any Flak Jackets! So what’s the point!?

This might be an indication of why there is a decrease in spending on new premier promos.

I suggest you increase the number of gear maps, ELITE AND ULTRA RARE GEAR MAPS.

Increase the number of 5* trainers given as milestones and completion rewards. Don’t just give out one, give at least 5!

Also increase the rate you release legendary medals!

I will not be buying new characters till my existing ones are full maxed out!


Also why should I buy new premier characters if you don’t make tournaments prizes that are worth fighting for! I play this game to compete not to collect. Premier recruits are there to give paying customers an edge. But we don’t need an edge if there are no tournaments that are worth our time.


Constructive, sounds reasoning. I completely understand where you’re coming from.


I also am out of medals and will not be doing any pulls from premier recruits. There really is no point in it to have it collect dust on my bench while I collect my 5/day from SR depot. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Blame yourselves for this one scopely. And you wonder why you are losing money as of late.