The really good Scopely offers

I think the word “great” is being stretched here.


Sure im gona buy it…when i die.


In scopely terms $35 for a guaranteed aacendable is a great deal. Now he may be one of the worst 6*s, but they don’t know as they don’t play the game at a slightly decent level.


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At least Scopely has managed to convince you to buy it at one point in your life… or after.

They ain’t even gonna take my money even after I’m dead.

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How about the offers that are made just for you? :rofl: oh wait… I got the same offers… :thinking:

Selfishness level 1000000

we will take it back to the team
I.e. crap the offer is too good? rollback required

Took it to the team, sorry the team is busy eating all those pancakes with all the money you all keep giving us for a broken game but here is another offer we made just for you. BUY NOW!


If a good character will be offered at that price I would have bought that, but that Rick… That character should be on the 5* tokens or a offer at 4.99 like mira and carl

Mira and Carl are actually still relevant. Lol those were actually great deals.

He should have been put in Ascendance along with Harlan, green Beta, Jessie and yellow Maggie.

when 5* is better than 6* xD sadly cause i like that 5* rick

5-star Maggie is still awesome. 6-star Maggie is an awesome punching bag. :smirk:

She should have kept her revive and command and should have been the first f2p revive toon but nope. Hey, can you de-nerf her 6-star now and take back Solange?


And yet we still have Carl, Siddick, Glenn and Miraboobs in the Ascendance lol.

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How is paying for free stuffs any good deal ?

Coins are also free. Let’s petition to get buying coins removed since they’re free.

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The only way ill buy is if my kid steals my credit card or im held at gun point

I’d tell em to shoot me.

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Coins are needed by thousands of hundreds to get anything decent out of a trash wheel.
Mira and Carl are way more easy to obtain and nearly certain at some point.
But yes, lets petition to get coins removed from the store and have good deals instead of a gambling system that costs an arm, an eye and a kidney.

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