The real problem


I’ve been playing the game since October 2015…I’ve been in every single ***up the game has been through and I’ve said to my self “okay this will pass and this and that” but today and for the past month I’ve reached my limit with this game.This game is a GOLD MINE but it’s a shame that it’s run by people who don’t know what they are doing(OR maybe they know EXACTLY what they are doing :wink:).Anyway back to the topic, the real problem (of course they are still problems tho) isn’t the bad rewards,the 6253615152 million milestones etc.The real problem is THE PLAYERS.On every single event I see people wasting their money and recourses just to score and get those milestones,people coining in wars because they don’t wanna lose and wanna feed their ego and people just buying the offers.Take the last CRW for example, top faction had like 3 losses and idk how many wins and for the most part it’s justified because of their teams and weapons but…the problem is that they are coining to win(I’m not saying that coining isn’t part of the game but 5-6 times seriously? AND FOR WHAT? FOR 18.5K 5TOKENS?).This just shows scopely or whoever manages this shit that their way of doing things is working. Now in no way I’m suggesting we boycott this game but if people clearly had their minds straight they wouldn’t spend or score so much ESPECIALLY after what has been done to the game for the past 2 months…it’s really sad.:sweat:


I’ve been saying this. It’s the whales and their gambling mental disorders and egos ruining the game, so if any of your top players quit, then blame it on the whales. Free to plays have to suffer because of them, so their “You play this game because of us mentality,” is bs. The game has become stale because of them. Lmao.



Agreed 100%


P. S

This leads into the thread started awhile ago tittled: Does this game prey on people with gambling problems?

The answer is yes.


This isn’t gambling!, This is getting excited about something, being shown something…and then getting the worst possible outcome…every single time, I would say this is more like 3 card monte, your faction mates are unwitting accomplices. They pull the new shiny thing, you go for your turn thinking WHOA what great luck…then you get dale…then someone pulls duplicates of a great toon and so do you…Dale with the peg leg!


It becomes gambling when you’re willing to spend thousands of dollar in a mobile app, which is an mental disorder. The more you spend, the more you become rude, arrogant, and egotistical. Most whales I seen on this forum are rude as hell. They only care about competition, their money they spent, and the other whales who spend with them. Free to plays are noobs and useless trash to them, so how can you say this isn’t gambling? Lmao.


I full agree.
In my region there is a crazy faction leader that kick out people that don’t spend money.
The drama is that he found ambitions in other players, ruining other factions.
The satisfaction is him right now didn’t win anything…
This is not game: this is ludopatic issue.


A good way to show those whales is to not participate in the upcoming war. That way they just fight amongst themselves and then complain about how no one wants to challenge them so they can steamroll everyone and then tell them to “G.E.T. G.U.D.”


The players are just as big as a problem I agree.
Disgusting behaviour by some.
All about power, control, egos…/

There just as much to blame too.



If you want to win in gambling, what do you have to do? YOU HAVE TO PAY TO WIN!

Some of the same practices are applied to this game!


200 (1)




Let’s not blame any groups of people everyone.

I understand your frustration but I’d honestly you rather blame me than other community members.


I don’t blame you, in fact I want to get in on this, I’ve already submitted an application. I think you guys need a guy that kind of just shows up but no one is really sure what he does. I fit the bill , I currently just show up at work , I think I work quabbidy assurance or something, don’t fret, I finished my work months ago, so i’m free for a part time job!


Here in Australia, it’s gambling. And the odds must be posted for anything that’s randomly generated. Even free random draw competitions here have a clause in the T&Cs that, the odds of winning will be based on how many participants have entered, or something along those lines. To cover them from lawsuits.

Odds should be posted as it’s a RNG system. Think of like lotto. You put money in, but at least you know, on black and white (not hearsay), that the odds of winning are next to none.


In the Netherlands and Belgium they started an investigation into the new star wars game and its loot boxes. I just had to laugh looking back on all the things that have been going on in this game

Star wars loot boxes gambling