The rant that really says what many players have felt at one time or another

Now whilst I think this game has been improving recently imo and is probably in one of the best places it’s been in a while, I would assume the majority of players have felt like this on many an occasion and @Invisinerd has hit the nail on the head with what he says here. I feel complete sympathy for this experience on display here. The point he makes about this making it a negative experience for players and therefore each time another opportunity to lose another player is perfectly put.

I don’t agree with the scrapping it part and making a do-over as that would be a betrayal to everyone who has invested (time and money) into this game. But the rest is spot on.

Skip to 45:20 and listen for a while

@Invisinerd, I have not asked your permission to share this so if you would like it taken down, please ask and I will.

@TayTron please watch and hear what he’s saying, I want the game to last as long as possible personally.


I feel his pain. Previous pulls were all Amber 5* or 6*. Such fun…


I’m confused. He read the odds, then pulled & wasnt happy receiving his prizes which where listed as with the highest chance of pulling?

I have more tokens saved then he had because I look at the wheel first, look at the 6*s, laugh, grimace at all the posts of people pulling the choice box of doom, then decide I’ll pull when the wheel looks better.


Wait a minute you mean it’s not fun to have effort(7 wars in his case) rewarded with rng and super common toons* shockedpikachuface.jpg*


Found that hard to watch he seemed so depressed by the game lol


The disappointment is real… keep surving :nauseated_face:

Good public reflection of the general player feeling and experience.


Yeah, rng wheels need to be a thing of the past. It can’t be too difficult to let people choose what they want. It would make the game an entirely different experience vs the “getting s### on” feeling that wheels tend to create. Sorry @Invisinerd, I felt for you, dude.


Skip to 45.20?
So it’s like a very long video can you just share what happened here, lol.

I guess maybe he had the smallest amount of hope that he might get lucky?

It doesn’t change the fact that getting toons you don’t need is so demoralising. We used to get a pull on a wheel every war, or every other war at least. Now it takes several wars. Several wars for 50 cards or a useless 6*. That shouldn’t happen. Keeping Slater in that wheel when they gave him to LITERALLY EVERYONE a few weeks ago shouldn’t happen. Defending this by saying it was his decision to pull is giving Scopely a get out of jail free card for treating it’s players poorly.

I myself haven’t pulled on that wheel because I can almost guarantee I will get Sheldon. I’ve got Sheldon in every single wheel he’s ever been in so I’m not risking it. But people shouldn’t have to miss out and hoard their tokens because the wheel is crap. It should have been updated before this total war event, it was the perfect opportunity.

I agree with a lot of what he is saying, I think most of us have felt that way at one time or another. This game can be so frustrating at times. Yes we could quit but we have put time, effort and often money into this game for years. We like the concept of the game and know how great it could be if only Scopely cared. But they don’t.


I don’t get the point of people getting mad with a pull when the odds were very clear. This type of reaction would makes more sense if you have a pool of prizes with all of them with the same odds just like used to be the war wheel on 6* era.

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Aye but the point is that players like you and me shouldn’t feel the need to horde our tokens because what is supposed to be the premier (not pay premier) wheel of the game is absolutely tragic. That’s the entire point he’s making by pulling and demonstrating what then happens. At the moment you have 2 options - pull on this wheel or horde your tokens, neither of which is rewarding players for a month or more of warring per pull.

Bear in mind during PU times, Invisinerd wasn’t 100% supportive of the movement in some of the comments on his videos in my opinion (not saying that he was totally against it either) and did defend Scopes to some extent, so it’s not like this is coming from a content creator that has been overly critical of Scopes in the past. That makes it a bigger deal.

I would like to stress that I am not in the same place as him regarding the game right now - but I definitely have been in the past on multiple occasions and they even lost me as a player and customer for 16months at one point. It’s important to note that some players are in that place, and that means there will be more of a leakage of the playerbase compared to a game that is in a healthier place. This is not a positive thing for any of us as it means the game is going to always becoming one step closer to having not enough players to run anymore. I’d rather it last as long as possible personally.


Its not what happened that’s the main point, its the issues he raises and the way and emotion in which he does.

Edit: Basically it captures the feeling far more effectively than any forum post ever could.


I actually had a blast this weekend but I definitely can sympathise


Matchings were better (weirdly considering 8vs8) and loved the slow tower, but was gutted they scrapped Mercs.

Go back a few years, you used to get a whole character as a reward, not part of it.

Scopely are purposely keeping the S class characters on drip feed so the novelty doesnt wear off too quick, whilst making them available for cold hard cash. It’s the same with platinum mods, they stated they purposely priced them so high so the content doesn’t run out too quick.

Imagine if every war we all got a new S class. Everyone would have the same rosters, same teams. Now that is kinda the situation because everyones gone “Get Priya, Mercer, Princess & you win” but the rosters dont have as much depth.


There is a difference between getting a whole Sclass and between 1000-2000 cards. The latter wouldn’t unbalance the game and we already have Onslaught as a precedent.
Warring for a month and getting 1000-2000 cards from the wheel should be an absolute minimum not 50cards or a useless 6 star.


I feel the pain. Had 2 choice box IV pulls out of 4. #scopley’d

Well, you’re omitting the overall psychology factor. I haven’t watched all of the video, really, but it was clear to me that the hype of “yay! War weekend” was quite dulled with a lot of waiting, disheartening battles where he got beat up or did not even pretend to try “yeah, I rather flee, another trader team” and slowly, gradually got to the point to have to do something to get thrilled with the game we all love to hate or hate to love… You need to admit that reason doesn’t always come through as a winner :slight_smile:

It ended up in his decision to pull on the wheel and the experience - well, it has been anticlimactic, plunging him back to the mellowness of the war weekend that hasn’t really gone according to the plan of having fun all day long…


I get why people get upset over war pulls sucking. I’ve always said the real prize is the basic tokens. War hard & theyll carry you over the next level up. Save em for a few wars & you’ll be able to get 1st place in a level up.

Not to mention the raid cans for coming second, stack up 100 or so, thats first in a raid.

I guess it’s just perspective.


They dont care ive been saying this for years. They only care about the top ladder of the game prove me wrong. Garbage events that are protected by pay walls and offer f2p very little. Im listening towards the end and dam this guy is making sense but to bad the message will get glazed over with stupid comments that draw away from the central topic.

It not just the war pulls hes mad at btw. Its the fact
that the money:time ratio is way off.

Wish i could contact this guy and have a interview to explain what i think is wrong with this game. I dont really want to talk about what will fix the game because lets fix it they aren’t gonna fix anything lol.