The race to 25,000 plastic pieces


Currently at 14676. Is anyone beating me?


I am at around 17,250 atm.


Well done!


Just from today? A handful of my faction mates are working toward their second pull already after having had a nice bit of disappointment (a.k.a any one of the non-stun weapons) already last week


That’s including last week for me. Your faction mates must be monsters working on second pulls…


10k not even a pull yet getting bored of 10 bits a run,


Everyone who has done more than one pull is macro farming. Simple as that.


I am around 10k and I still feel I play a lot :wink:


I play on an ipad and its just sat next to me on my desk at work. I’m just hitting replay when the screen stops flashing. It’snot really playing in that sense.


they must be very dedicated :slight_smile:


How tho @lolaskates2 the second of the lolaskates line? Have you been farming since it went live?


you can get around 1.4k / hour based on the math i do if you are not ultra lucky with 500 pieces. so for 2 pulls 35 hours of farming needed if i make a guess for it.


I averaged 1587 an hour last week and farmed for 8 solid over the day so seems about right.


Working on second pull


I have 4.5k, but I have given up. I’d love to make a pull for it. But I don’t see the point in spending 10 hours a day trying to get a lousy chance at a stun gun. Good luck to you guys, though.


Think of all the free survivors and shirts and gloves as well!


I got about 5K from last week and hoping to get the same this time as well.
I am not having any hope to get the stun gun at this rate, but just replaying the same for gathering survivors and shirts & gloves


if you farmed solidly for the first 24 hours and then every second of this run you could be approaching your second pull right now based on what I am averaging. I’m not exactly sure anyone could or would d that though…


Has anyone had more luck on one particular stage ?

Or is it seriously 10-25 and the very rare 100-500 per run through?

I’m hammering stage 3 over and over because it’s the quickest, and I’m using drop leaders…


same drop rates and using drop leader(s) seems irrelevant so far in my experience, so you better use mirabelle leader + 45AR area hitter ranged toons. I use mirabelle, 2xBlue michonnes, cain, richard.