The purchase of the letter L does not complete the mission

Hello, yesterday and today I bought the letter L, spent 400 coins, and my missions are still not completed. Why?

Means yesterday it didn’t work but you buy it today again? Lol. There is already a thread about this issue. Contact support in-game. Here you won’t get any help to get anything back.

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@CrazyFather, @LadyGeek answered this for me in a thread I made.

L offer bug - please advise

Have a look. It makes more sense to me now. Hope it helps!

explained, but why such a confusion, you can not create feasible missions?

How is this so hard to understand…?


It’s not hard, but it is confusing. You need to understand how the systems and mechanics work, which a lot of people don’t, and with all the complete screwups in the game in the last couple of months, assuming that the game is broken is probably the more reasonable assumption, rather than you not understanding it completely.


Not really. There is a mission which rewards an item. You can buy said reward but mission remains incomplete because it hasn’t been completed.

Actually, all the recent errors go to show is that people will always assume they are the first to suffer the issue and that a new thread is of upmost importance, ignoring six other threads on the exact same (non)issue


i think a lot of people never completely understood how the mission system works, and it never mattered before this event, because there rarely were interdependent missions like this, and if there were, they usually were not this hard to do.

[ETA] Fully agree that too many people are unwilling to check the top threads, and often have really bad reading comprehension. Makes the forums hard to follow.

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For some of the missions the L is the reward for completing it, for others the mission is to get the L to receive the reward.

The key is understanding the difference which is what people seem to be struggling with.

I also don’t understand why people rush to create a new thread instead of just reading the forum to see if it’s been an issue for anyone else first. 🤷


I’m not sure how to make this less confusing, as “do X to receive Y” is about as simple as it gets.

Teacher says: if you get an A on the test, I will give you a free ticket to the movies. Movie tickets are also available for purchase, so a student buys a ticket to the movies. Can they then complain they thought they were going to both get to see the movie AND get an automatic A because they bought the ticket?


This is the most ridiculous and insufferable topic going around. The mission was to level up your player to get an L. So buying the L is not completing the mission.


I leveled up my player level to 112 and bought 1 L and it finished for me. I got the other L. Not sure what ppl are doing wrong.

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Buying an L does not complete the mission. It only counts towards the bear part. Leveling up gives you an L for completing the mission which then counts towards both parts.

Its crazy how many people still don’t understand this.


So you got the 50k ascendance medals? Or you just got the bear?

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