The psychology of a f2p player

I know that there has been plenty of discussion of “what’s a whale” and general hatred towards whales in this game from the majority of players. But one thing that whales and f2p players can agree on is that Scopely is bad to the playerbase.

So that brings me to my question:

Whales stay even though Scopely takes their money and wastes there time but they have made a significant investment in the game. Talking to other whales, we all agreed that a lot of us want to leave but we have spent so much on this game to walk away.

Why does the f2p player stay?? They have made no or very little $ investiment. They are treated in some ways worse than the whales. So what is their rationale?

I’ll let @Kodak_black respond first since he is one of the greatest f2p players to ever play the game.


Most f2p players are waiting for change. I don’t blame them. Lots of others have quit because of the treatment.


But after 3 years, wouldn’t you think that the f2p players would say enough is enough…

Like I said, lots have. And I would think lots of others would already have good characters, from event wheels and such.

Logic and principle has no place in road to survival.


Same reason most people still play. Even if scopely screws us etc the game is still enjoyable at a base level. Same reason why people started playing same reason they still do


My faction. At least until chat servers went down :sob:


I continue to play because it can be fun to collect and build teams(Also because I treat this as a game, not a job). I’m probably quitting soon anyways though because I’ll have more IRL commitments that leaves me only time to play Fortnite.

i can’t find any similar game which isnt p2w. if so i will leave immediately. i play for 7 months, just reach full maxed 6* team and start compete with whales, this is point where many f2p broke and leave.


I am a FTP that has been around for 2 years. I do not hate whales. I in fact want to thank you for keeping this game going! Seriously if it weren’t for u guys we wouldn’t have a game! I don’t expect to beat every whale nor should I expect to. U guys pay to win not pay to play


OSRS(You can even pay for your monthly membership for free with in-game money once you’re stacked) and DC Legends are two good alternatives.

Its kind of like a default hobby/ stress relief/ mindless habit now.

Bored? Raid and practice duels.
Watching a movie? Farm time.
Wake up? Check armory.
Before bed? Waste any extra energies to stock survivors Etc.

Its just such a habit now and for me it still can be … hmm enjoyable. Funs not quite the word, lol. I like when my (mostly) ftp roster can beat ptp teams. 'Tis satisfying.


Only on mobile, mobile is really bad with the p2w, try pc gaming if you want a real gaming experience

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I agree. I beat darn near all of them and it is satisfying

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I actually use sr zeke on my main att team :rofl::raised_hands:

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Make sr zeke and kate ascendable!

Hmmmm. May try him with Alice. That would be huge attack bonuses

I still like this game for war its not as bad as many make it. With a lil grinding u can make some killer f2p atk teams.

Well since I am the greatest f2p player to ever play this game (confirmed by @JB.Scopely himself) I still play this game because I like to war and I like being f2p and like being the greatest f2p of all tine, sincerely the greatest f2p of all time. F2P FOR LIFE