The proof they only think about themselves

Look just look how much they dragged us, they didn’t updated the wheels until those characters became useless now with the new meta and S class


Im happy with the updates


Maybe, but it’s off topic ))

Actually it’s not off topic. You used the wheels update as an example and the guy told you he was fine with it. So he disagrees and I do to. The wheels aren’t as exciting as they could be but as f2p goes they now provide good options. Not getting those useless 1* anymore is also a big plus.

On the other hand I agree about the s-class. I don’t get it either.


If they wanna introduce s-class and keep it then the wheels should have all promo toons otherwise nobody’s gonna make any progress but whales as usual…just another day in the ways scopely funks f2p, and I don’t wanna here the why should f2p have a chance bs…without a large population of players keeping the game up and running is pointless, introduce daily log in rewards, 1 free daily pull on premier for all(sc be damned) and a new list of toons on the wheels that includes more recent promo toons or its all for naught…LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD OR SHUT IT DOWNNNNN!!!

Let’s see if you will be happy in 2 weeks .

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3* are 1* , 4* are 2* , 5* are 3* now , so nothing change at all . only now you can sell your 1* for supply point

Happy with the updates even Priya doesn’t bug me that much but a bit soon right before war meh and if they gonna do this way we need Legacy S class right now.

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