The proof the managers are taking this game to it's end

Why should we suffer bc of the bad managing of this game? does the supervisor even notice this?
If I knew the person higher in hierarchy I’d personally send him a letter and ask him to kick current team and hire new one bc they’re doing a bad job

Are you suggesting rts makes $65 in revenue. Ok


They’ll make 0$ of they don’t do something about it :wink:

These charts are ridiculous. Idk where people get them.


I think they’re potentially mixed up. $65k is at least the sale of two S-Class toons

5 Likes well you don’t pay that 399$ subscription for no reason

How do we know that website is credible? I find it damn near impossible that this app would make 65 dollars in one day.


What s-class toons? They now giving ice cream cones and keys like candy

Like candy? Lol. The priya promo is still up. And to get the cones you need torches which aren’t free if you use them up on the Pete roadmap.

Also, just wait another hour and 24 minutes to see what’s coming next.

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All u need is to do some investigation yourself can’t post all details,

You get torches free in milestones and theres 200 coins offer all day long :wink:

Lmao… do me a favor. Reply on this thread when you manage to get Pete and priya since they are dropping like candy. I won’t hold my breath.

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I got 2k keys in like one week I’m not even active enough

laughing… good one

Ok. So come back in another four weeks and show me pete :wink::wink:


And priya :wink:

That if they didn’t shut the servers by then

I think he’s right

Its incredible that this game has lasted all this time…not rubishing it, just amazed…2 dimensional game, gamblin’ to win kudos, zero storylines, and a plethora of hating…yet it survives…lololol

I’m sitting at 1400 keys and zero cones. I know Priya is better but shouldn’t I take the keys?