The problem with raids

Lets forget the crap rewards. Lets forget teams with 2 shields and 3 revive toons , that don,t concern me and good luck to the players with them.
What does piss me off is that with toons loaded with mods and comprised of good toons they almost always time out , so its a draw.
In any other game or sport opponents get shared points or they both get nothing.
Not with our good old raids .
You lose.
A timeout raid should give equal rewards or you lose nothing.
Also take away a players ability to shield themselves from avenge or faction revenge attacks. All you do is waste time trying to find an opponent to battle.
If you want to raid be prepared to be raided back.

Can we also take territories out of the next league season. Since the start and with us numpties all trying to win trophies , territories have been ruined.
It crashes all the time , there left open to fill with walkers and have more bugs than Donald Trumps hair.


Let’s forget about timeout raids too. It doesn’t concern me, so good luck to players who have to deal with them.

Oh wait…


Lol u can’t split rewards for a draw otherwise people will just wait till the raid times out if they can’t win that seems fair

So dumb


No one can shield from revenges or avenges unless they are currently actively playing themselves or under the 2 hour shield after being raided. Ghosting only keeps you out of the wheel.

Not sure how that relates to this threat??

OP mentioned it. That’s how it relates. :grin::+1:

The best thing they could do for us with raids is lower the time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes for energy to regenerate.


Very true.

Lol no I don’t wana havta use raid energy every 90 minutes or waste free energy.
Unless u going to increase the max raid energy to 18 then they’d sell three times less cans or put milestones up an wed get even more bored raiding!
So many noob suggestions who don’t think about what the effects of what they say.
And wolverine your mum jokes rele u in primary school still?

What? No way, you either win or you loose, what kind of sports even have ties anymore? And why would you get rewarded for tying or loosing? This doesn’t make any sense

you just have to pick a better team to counter those multi revive and shields

Just beg players to lower their defense and you can’t play by the rules.

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