The problem with midgets

There simply isn’t enough of them in this world lol. :joy: This takes me to my real topic though, why do we have kids in the game for toons, but not kid walkers? I think it would add more variety to the game. Or what about a walker with just the torso and arms crawling towards you, just make it slow but hard to kill. I’d like to hear any other ideas the forum members have. :slight_smile:


I’ve definitely seen more requests for kid toons, not kid walkers to kill though – brutal!


It’s only logical that there would be walker children, they change into walkers just as easily as adults. I think it could add the entertainment aspect alot more on a visual front. I can see people complaining already. “Damn it, the kid walker wiped out my revive Jesus.” Lmao.

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I really like the idea of more variety of walkers. Can have them in major masses where its about aoe damage rather than headshots. Could be interesting.

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