The problem with letting people pull 6*s from Premiers for NEW REGIONS


As we know, Scopely went back on their promise that six stars would never be found in the premier section. Now we are seeing very real problems with this decision.

I had a feeling this would happen, so I hopped onto the new Region Jeff Davis to investigate.

Sure enough, the top players in less than a week were ALREADY sporting premier 6*s that they had pulled straight from premiers. The top player already has an S2 rated team!

So lets get this straight:

Free to Play

  1. Must pull an ascendance character through some miracle out of the token wheels.
  2. Must level up their 5* character, which they cannot send to tier 4 until they are strong enough to complete the (more and more rare) gear maps.
  3. Must, by some miracle, obtain enough ascendance medals to ascend their miracle pull character, as Scopely refuses to offer them anywhere but SR and top prizes in tournies (good luck placing high in level ups without any 6* access)
  4. Must somehow acquire 8 five stars that they are willing to THROW AWAY early in their region. Five stars are valuable to a free to play new player! How will they do it?
  • During this 2-4 month period of endless slaving, the free to play player will be frustrated by continuously losing raids and wars to players who have purchased the six stars straight off the bat. --> Massive amounts of players will likely feel like they should just quit while they can

Pay to Play

  1. Throws 100 bucks into premiers

-No medals, fodder, effort necessary. They literally buy the win in every event : Wars, Level Ups, SR. They are good to go!

To make it even more clear: Most players are still at rating of B to A at this point. Meanwhile players that have spent money and pulled a 6* are at S2!!!

And they talk about how the prizes were making it too beneficial to be a top player!


See my name Bro all free apps run on this motto that’s how they get 100 mill in the bank … these rich idiots that got picked on in school 24/7 get on one of these ga,es and they are god


Who cares? That’s what is always going to happen in a new region. Find a new region and it’s going to keep on happening. Why shouldn’t someone who spends be better off than someone who doesnt. Either spend or dont. Don’t complain about a game where people spend.


There’s a difference here.

When they pull a five star characters, fine, they still have to level them up and don’t IMMEDIATELY become powerful without work.

When they pull a six star character, it’s the equivalent of pulling a tier 4 five star, and 8 other five stars, and the medals to ascend. It’s too advantageous.


I mean… aside from them going back on the promise that 6s won’t be featured in premier wheels, what they’re doing now is essentially how it’s always been with the premier wheel/5 wheel in the past. F2P players had limited and not the best options to pick from of 5*s available to them, while P2P players can just throw 100 bucks into premiers and get themselves a nice new Priya. This isn’t exactly a new issue.


I think one of his points is that a t1 6 star at level 1 already has higher stats than a t4max 5 star. A t1 level 1 5 star does not have higher stats than a t4 max 4 star. Therefore, immediately advantageous to pull the 6 star out of the wheel.


lol @ all those Vincents in the Jeff Davis top 20


Be cool if there was a region where u could only use 5*’s lol retro regions :joy: or just retro events 5* cap limit no 6* bland teams


I wish for a region where everyone else quits, so essentially I just have to do 1 raid and do 1 LU point for #1 for both tournaments lol.


There is a big difference from how things were with five stars. While the f2p had limited options, they still had options to obtain 5* through the 5* wheel, supply depot, occasional events, etc. If a f2p grinded hard and got some luck, he could have a competitive team.

Now, besides the Dwight event, there hasn’t been a way for a f2p player to get a new ascendable since siddiq and there is no readily available way in the near future. That lack of a goal or strategy is a huge problem.


Tripp was a game changer for a lot of folks not hard to obtain and is still pretty useful. I agree


Many F2P can still have a competitive team with the release of 6*s. The underlying problem with premier wheel is that there are characters that are always gated behind a paywall. While your example was more about a 2-4 month wait before being able to ascend a character(even though I think it’s less), that problem seems less important to me than F2P players not even being able to have a chance to get characters gated behind a paywall.


MCSquared has summed up my point to the dot.

In the past, pulling a five star did not immediately make you the best in the region - you still had to level it up. Pulling a 6* is the equivilent of pulling a maxed out 5*, which is game breaking when pitted against an A rated team. It’s gonna be 1 shotting every enemy.

And with the added bonus of a leader skill no one can compete with? Just look at the region for youself. All the top people pulled 6* Vincent, and became sharks in a kiddy pool


Yeah, pulling 6s is redicoulous. There’s a person on Jeff Davis that has Vincent, Maggie, and now viktor all 6. Good luck beating that team with your tier 2 5*s


This is a perfect example of why I preferred them assigning new players to locked only new regions (which they had seemed to do for like a month or two previously). Putting newbs in a brand new region with migrating veteran whales (mainly who transferred from a whale heavy Chilton region) is just asking for trouble imo.


Yes! I’m in Jeff Davis and people pulling 6s are creating a huge power gap! Before you know it, there will just be 1 faction where everyone in there has 6* vincent or maggie.


Jeff Davis region never had a chance smh


I read and hear everyone complaining about 6*'s and its making me sick of hearing it. I’m one of the people caught behind the paywall and i have pulled and pulled for a 6*, even one of the crappy ones only to be let down and given a Connor or a Cooper for my troubles of grinding to earn a pull. I see the P2P moan about anything and everything because they didnt get the toon they wanted. I feel the pay to play should have the odds shifted to make it just as hard as a free to play has it. That way the playing field is even for all.


Uhh scroll up a little bit. I was talking more so about certain characters being gated behind a paywall.


For a free to play its all behind a paywall, we have no way to get anything that a p2p has, we dont have hundreds of dollars to throw in to the wind like some trust fund baby spending their mommy and daddy’s money like it was nothing.