The Problem with Legacy Ascendables *Opinion*

So there’s been a lot of talk on the forums and in Line Chats recently about the mediocre release of highly-anticipated legacy characters, about how they just don’t fit into the current meta, and how they’d just sit on the sidelines in most rosters

Back when ascendance was first released, the playerbase looked forward to being able to get a 2nd use out of their rosters, and 5-Star Characters. Scopely’s original logic was to keep the aspect of the 5-Star Character and work them into the combat aspect of the game, so it could still benefit the playerbase.

But here’s where the problem lies;

I aswell as many others probably though having a 5-Star Character keep it’s original aspects but transferred to the form of a 6-Star would be a cool and unique idea. However, the 5-Star Character just don’t hold the attributes that could fit into the current meta.

Most 6-Stars Now-a-days are expected to have either really tanky, defensive stats, highly attacking stats, and a weapon with a unique ability only given to that character. Perhaps you’d like bonus HP, Revive, pain split, etc. Maybe some higher-end specialist skills such as decapitate, or disarm.

Anyway, back to the point. 5-Star Character didn’t carry these attributes that could fit into the current meta. Even on the best 5-Stars (like Priya), have aspects that just don’t fit into our meta. Confuse and stun on attack don’t hold the high effect they did then.

Take Knox for example. As a 5-Star he was amazing. He had the bleed and the neutralize that worked. But now that just doesn’t hold up, unless you have a character with lacerator, or a premium character to back it up.

I guess here’s my proposal:

Make legacy ascendables hold aspects from their 5-Star counterparts, but give them something that could work into the current meta.

Sorry for the essay of a read, just wanted to voice my opinion.


Let me summarize:

Make legacy ascendables useful like Lori.

Knox, Dwight, and Maggie are all trash and are not really of any use in the current meta.


Lori is actually well balanced stat wise for attack and def, these current toons are worse because they’re just so mediocre and excel at nothing specific


I believe that’s just what he said…


I feel like so red gov is better then Lori.

He is a heavy hitting neut.

I haven’t had him in my depot since ascendance

Lori has more aspects to her design that are better. Amazing buffs and focus.


When he came out I remember everyone said he sucked

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On the contrary, I REALLY wish I had Knox and would use him immediately on my main attack team in place of Naya. It’s a bleed and lacerate team, so the extra bleeder would be fantastic, but that neutralize would really be great. Put him up for sale, Scoples!

I think the biggest change should be the frequency they’re released. Waiting 1 month+ for these toons is what’s highlighting their inadequacy more than anything. If they were released say, every 2 weeks, then it’s fine if some are subpar to the meta. X can go on SR/Assault/Roadmaps/etc. By next war hopefully I’ll have Y that can go on my main.

Waiting 6 weeks just to go, ‘guess I’ll go wait another 6 weeks (?) before advancing my team’ is what really underscores them.

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@Parker and @TonightWePurge I agree and you both make great points. But I think one of the other issues that makes legacy toons not fit into the meta besides release frequency and poor stat & skill design is that they release a premium toon that counteracts the legacy toons they just released.
Take Andrea for example, she was one of the most highly anticipated legacy toons. She was kind if mediocre on release which goes back to the op, but the real death nail was that not even 24 hours later they released Lydia to counter her. Which made her all but obsolete overnight before she ever had a chance to be helpful.
Another example is Solange, as soon as we found out there was going to be a f2p revive what do they do. They release two really hard hitting alert toons in a row. No one even has her yet and we don’t even know what impact she’ll have if any, and they already released toons to counter her. Like really!? Something needs to change!!


Scopley don’t want them to be good or useful…

There’s no money in it.
Simple as that.


This is so true, making 6* from 5* without making money is a bad idea for scopely, one part for making them the new ascendables great should be expanding the weapon crafting (for adding confuse, taunt or any other status on weapons) or giving the ascendables new specialist skills ( like lacerator, follow-up, vitallity, etc)…

Some characters have a very good design and retains it substance (like Carly), however with the new ranged toons she could not work as much as she was useful on a old anti-andrea team.

Also we need leader skills like red + yellow or red + green, a more balanced rainbow leads

I run Andrea on attack and annihilate ranged teams. Carl is a better lead because he covers 2 traits but I don’t have him and Andrea works just fine

Maggie isn’t trash

Some of the toons have shockingly unbalanced stats but tbh. If you dont spend middle to big then you won’t have many top end toons. So even apparently dud toons could be a step up.

No she is.

Maggies attack buff of 75% really sets up nicely on an andrea led attack team. Round 3 ar’s pop and thats usually it.

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Exactly but I have no lights or Aden’s unless I buy my way to the top to get 6 lilts from the heaviest spender that places first in every solo event. It’s pathetic that someone can be so selfish. Oh well let them keep scipely’s Pockets be full from one person. No matter how trash this game has become.

Good healer, buffs for attack. Decent leader skill. I mean she isn’t S tier but maybe A-