The problem with ascendance


Im a prestige 12 player and have played in 3 regions, but my first region Marion is where it all began, it is also where I spent most my money.
I stayed in this region for over a year and a half, in the number 4 faction, where we would occasionally push for 3rd and it was fun, during this I spent a ton around 400k prestige points worth, and as you can see during this time I only ever pulled a handful of 5* which is a disgrace, 1 wanderer, 2 revive Abe, 1 revive Hershal, and a blue governor. The rest of my characters are from depot war, or tokens.
Recently I decided to give this region another chance, but almost immediately regretted it, why? Because with ascendance here I stood no chance, I have over 49 characters I had spent tons on getting these characters, (time and money) yet where constantly being invalidated by new 5* yet I could still compete with strategy but with 6* I can’t the stat difference is way to high, so all that money and time I spent on this region was a complete waste As a new player with a slight bit of luck can invalidate what I have done In one pull compared with years of farming
If you were wondering why old players are so pissed look here my roster was once good now it’s a pile of trash, the upgrade for old useless toons seems a long way away, especially as we haven’t had a f2p toon released in a month, yet we get a new buy able epic every week, you need to treat the old players better were leaving in our droves because rosters like mine aren’t viable anymore