The Pop Up Offers



Can someone tell me who from Scopely is making these offers?

I mean… I´ve never heard from someone that he is purchasing these… They are all awful and useless.
Who needs 125k Wood if im getting nearly 1 Million in Survival Road? And these small things like Grenades and 100 Elite Token are making this much more awful.

Only 30$ For 2 war cans!
November Offer is available now

It would be nice if we could have the option of turning them off. Maybe at a certain prestige level? Would encourage me to spend just to get there to be rid of them #irony


The worst part is, that they differ between players.

I once had this deal going on:

At the same day, a friend of mine had this one:

When I complained to the support, they told me the offers are tailored to the players gaming experience. Whatever.

Gold mod offer crazy price discrimination

And there is more. The weapon pack I had:


The deal he had:



We should review each offer.

Say what’s good, what needs adding etc…

For example there’s a offer for trainers.
Something like
2 Basil, 5 Brady and 10 Burts. 100k food For £20

They should swap the Burt and Basil around (10 Basils and 2 Burts) and make it 1million food.
Still I wouldn’t buy but it’s better than what they have atm.




My guess is they run a program like what is talked about in this video (hes a bit crude but i like what he has to say) around the 3 min mark

November Offer is available now
Only 30$ For 2 war cans!

This is the state of this game!


I haven’t seen anything but the garbage $15 for 1 duct tape offer and the trash Burt/Basil RNG offers.

I find those types of offers are a direct insult to the player base as they are clearly REVENUE FIRST and not PLAYER FIRST as promised by the leader of Scopely.


I’ve never seen a video more accurate.


The valuation is just crazy. I have an offer for each Piece of ultra rare gear plus a radio and a schoolbag for 34.99.

Let’s break that down a little.
I have 70 energy.
An ultra rare gear map costs 24 energy.
So to clear all six stages giving into a need for instant gratification I need to spend one world energy can.

For that one world energy can I also get six stage rewards plus an act completion reward plus bonus drops.

That world energy can costs 100 gold.

29.99 coin pack gives you 2300 gold.

This offer costs 34.99.

@kalishane can you see the reason for frustration ?


in the mind of Live Ops the “value” you are getting is that you don’t actually have to run a roadmap> ROFL

It’s laughably insulting to the players and an obvious broken promise about “PLAYER FIRST” design.


The offers lately are getting even worse indeed. I haven’t seen gold offers in ages. I don’t think anybody would spend 40€ on some trainers. ^^

But even if they’d put up gold offers again, I would think twice. They have really lost my trust with those differing offers. In the first 2 pics I’ve posted, you’ll see that my friends’ offer has an additional Schoolbag, Beanie, Flak and 690 Gold on top for the same price!

Thanks for the entertaining link. ^^


Can they be turned off during war? The only thing they do is piss me off when one pops up a second before I need to take a tower


Y at least give us a feature to rate these Offers. 1 - 5 Stars or something. Then they will realize smth…


there is a suprise box?
Carl Surprise Box?



If you just buy them all, you can get 2 hours of peace before they pop up again.


I would like to know the chances of these boxes like the monthly box. 1% or below?


Lol I don’t know man. I just posted that cause I have yet to see it in my game