The plan for TWD: RTS will be as always been


As had been in the past things get added then left to be forgotten.
World map
Supply Depot
Training grounds
Scavenger camps
4* Recruits
Survival road
I’m sure I’ve probably missed a few others but all these things needed updating for as long as they’ve been introduced but as Scopely stated when they introduced Prestige, they said along these lines “it was never meant to be completed” this says a bunch.


I want to add the 4* Recruits Wheel and
the Ascendance list which is one of the newest Features, but Sadly also forgotten.


I’ll add the 4*’ because that’s been needing update for a very long time.
The ascendance list they did say early 2018 so the have till the end of April for that to be true.


They just got to Glen & now Gator about to arrive, at this rate we will need the next list by the end of March.



They really need to have a team update old parts of the game.

Survival Road enemies need more variation.
World Roadmap needs extending.
Normal Supply Depot needs upgrading. Prices needs decreasing due to 6* release.
4* recruits tokens should have more of them added. Also make plans to have special gear promote them to tier 5. Or some way to use them…give people a reason to keep and train them
Need to clean out the buying page. Get rid of the sandpaper etc…
Be nice to have something in the Workshop worth creating for wood.
Town would be nice to have extended. More farms. Maybe even some sort of new progression there.
Museum wasn’t what I was expecting…feels empty. Upgrade needed.
Prestige…not sure but your right…it isn’t doing anything now.


Prestige needs updating because they added it to game for no reason then to show others what you spent. They also need to move\remove the gear for the character all it did was give people a useless pixel.


And it’s now live!
How long before it becomes a forgotten add on?

  • Day one
  • One month
  • Two months
  • There months
  • Four months

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@Shawn.Scopely when will Prestige be removed? It’s PERSONAL information. I don’t like it and I’m not even a big spender.


Here’s some solutions:

World map: more story. Add 1 location every 2 months. These should get very difficult after a couple more locations, and give increasingly great rewards. Add more characters and weapons to the drop pool. Monetize it by making the levels so difficult as it goes on that the player needs the best of the best characters and weapons to succeed.

Supply Depot: add a new character each month. Make small amounts of supply markers drop from raids. Monetize it by hosting more raid events to increase spending for cans.

Territories: just unlock the locked locations. You can copy paste the functionality of other territory locations to them to avoid coding a whole new boost type. Monetize it via territory cans.

Prestige: make 5 Star michonne ascendable, and make that ascendable version a total powerhouse. Remove the ability to see other people’s prestige levels. Should be fairly self explanatory how to monetize this.

Training grounds: add various training options, such as training trainers, 4 Star training and 5 star training with high costs and times that don’t give a chance for lower level characters. The more options, the better. These new options can be unlocked with new training ground levels and higher town levels. Monetize it by having certain options cost rare gear and items.

Scavenger camps: rebalance all mission rewards for the current meta. Make it so ALL scavenger missions and their cooldown times are visible on the scavenger camp menu at any given time, instead of just a couple. Monetize it by making the high-prestige levels far more powerful.

Workshop: add new powerful items that can be unlocked with new workshop levels and higher town levels. Monetize it by making some items require rare gear or other items to create. Make some items craftable only through new premium materials.

Town: increase the cap and make the rest of Woodbury available. 1 level every 2-3 months will be plenty, but preferably in batches of 5 every 6 months or so. Monetize this through the new crafting options of the new levels of buildings.

4* Recruits: add all 4 stars to this wheel. Make 4 Star tokens obtainable via more scavenger missions. Monetize this by continuing to offer ascendance material offers.

Survival road: add roughly 10 new enemy human configurations to the pool. No additional walker stages needed. Increase the maximum survival road level to 500. Add a new dr Stevens weapon, a new 5 star alert character, an alert weapon, a tough 4 star, and a strong 4 star to the survival road depot. Remove the cap on survival road points and have the completion points increase through the legendary stages. Monetize this by making the higher levels so hard that only the best characters and weapons will survive.

Armory: balance FUTURE armory attachments, as in leaving all currently owned attachments as is, but balancing all crafts from here on out. Lower the “better” chance on all weapons, reduce stun from 2 turns to 1 turn, impair from 3 turns to 2, 150% damage second attack to 100% damage second attack, much lower absolute defense chance, so on. Then add a variety of new craftable special skills based on newer abilities, such as burning, maim, focus, evasion, guardian shields, heal reduction, buff removal, taunt, confuse, and more. Don’t be afraid to get creative, but make balance the #1 priority. Monetize this by giving new premium weapons attachments that are not usually seen on their corresponding weapon trait, and by offering crafting material offers.

Radios: put the radio roadmaps on a daily rotate out, just like normal daily maps. Make gold radios a thing. Day one is uncommon+low-rare gear, as it is now, and gold radios give low-legendary gear. Day 2 is silver ascendance medals + legendary ascendance medals, and gold radios give larger pools of both. Day 3 is 4 star tokens + prestige tokens, with gold radios giving 5 star tokens. day 4 is basic tokens + elite item tokens, with gold radios giving 4 star weapon tokens. Day 5 is 2 star trainers + 3 star trainers, with gold radios giving 4 star trainers and a crate with Benedict, Aden, Lilith, or Ulysses at the end. Day 6 is supply markers + more supply markers, with the gold radios giving a combo of faction assault markers and survival road markers. Day 7 is 3 star weapon parts + 4 star weapon parts, with golden radios giving critical components of both those rarities. Be willing to add new radio roadmaps to the rotation as new currencies are introduced or as the community requests. Reduce the gas per stage of all the radio stages to 5 for bronze, 7 for silver, and 9 for gold. Monetize this by making gold radios premium and/of high up tournament rewards. You may even consider adding 1 gold radio per day or week to the monthly premium pass in order to encourage its purchase, though I warn that this might be seen as a “pay to play” model by many, so if you take this route, I would encourage you to also create free ways to obtain the gold radios.



Think I agree with everything you said.

Perfect post Bobulance


Added achievements those are ones that have never been touched since day one. It’s going on a long time since I finished them all.


I agree with almost everything, execept for the 4* Wheel. They should’t add all 4*, that would mean you Always get the Bad characters. They should remove those Trash like Blue Gregory, Blue Dwight, Red Maggie… and add some really good characters for once like 4* Allen, 4* Axel, 4* Jeremy…


I‘m still excited about the mystery of museum points.


I disagree. Variety is more important with the four star wheel then usability, since most will just end up as fodder anyway.


This may be true for big players, but you need to think about beginners. I’m a beginner at my Second region and my first 4* there, was Rod, who’s actually pretty decent. But there need to be Variety, between Good and Bad characters. There much diffrence between some characters.


The progression system has always worked that way, though. It’s always been a mix of weak and powerful characters at whatever star rating level you’re at. Part of the progression is amassing more powerful characters of that star rating over time, after starting with what in all likelihood is a weak or mixed roster. It happens with 2 stars, then 3 stars, then 4, then 5, and to a lesser extent, now 6 stars. If you take out the weak ones, then there’s no transitional period from 3 stars to 4 stars. Just like if you removed all weak 5 stars or non ascendable 5 stars from the 5 star wheel, there would be no real transition from being an overall okay player to a competitively viable one. Variety is more important.

Now, when it comes to events, that’s where possible rewards ought to be more equal in power, lest you get 2 star shot guns mixed into the wheel with ultra rare gear. That just frustrates people because the time constraint puts a lot of pressure on it.


I didn’t meant to remove bad 4* entirely. We can have them in Ascendance and
at Premier Recruits, Elite Characters. But 4* Tokens take some time and think about
your a new player and you can do your first 4* Token Pull and it is Blue Gregory,
wouldn’t you be kinda disapointed? I don’t say we should we remove all Characters, who
aren’t great, but atleast the Trash. The 5* Wheel is another problem. There way too much
Trash on there and I don’t talking about non-ascendable I’m not one of those. I still use many
5* even some who aren’t that good, like Marcus. What I mean with Trash is somethink like
Christa or the Blue Governour.