The pay wall is insane

F2P players were able to hang around with luck and grinding, but shamplay’s money for everything is killing the game. F2P are all but done.


What I really want is to meet the people who look at these “deals” and “events” and say that looks like a great way to spend my hard earned money.

Invest in the future? Hell no I need me some useless pixels.

It fascinates me to no end by how willing they are to just throw their money away on something they don’t even actually own.



@JB.Scopely it’s getting out of hand.

How about you guys review the concept of rewards and events that promote gameplay and not simply opening a wallet.

It’s getting beyond greasy and bordering on gross. You guys are reducing one of the all time best game concepts to a money grub on par with televangelists and loan sharks.

Gross af.


If you only get 1 key for every 10 pulls. Then you need 110 000 pulls for those 11k keys. That’s 245 000$. Why would they even give 1 key…

I know there are other ways to get keys but that’s just rediculus haha


you’re forgetting there’s a lot of players who started out after 6* were introduced. they’re used to different experience than us. they got few good toons for free and spent up to p11 to have zach, doc and probably couple more to get where we are. in few months. they feel good. scopely simply moved on. grinders get little rewards, buyers can quickly catch up.

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there’s always a chance mr can carry gold for training, certain floyd jr will just do 245 grand worth of pulling. I’d give it a go if I were scopely.

Yep. I used to spend, but I recently became ftp. I’m ready to quit myself, these new premier toons are ridiculous.

I sometimes buy the dollar or two offers.

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Say what you will about scopelys greed, but they really are masters at milking addicts for every last cent.


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