The other Michonne roadmap, has anyone come across it?

Wondering if anyone has seen that roadmap 3, which gives a S-class collectible bag and seemingly shows up for only 10 minutes, according to this picture.

At 10 minutes a time it could have already been up and I’ve missed it lol

To be frank, 10 minutes runtime with increased difficultly plus 6 acts… what were they thinking?


I haven’t seen it.

Hopefully it appears either at the top of the hour or when Michonne B refreshes

Or they forgot to hit go on that map.

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30 balloons exchange for 25 and a S Class bag?? Hmm depending on the amount included maybe can worth the trade.

That is the thing, they dont think. They just say slap something together and call it event, make sure we screw most people over at the end so they feel forced to buy stuff to finish and call it a day. They dont play the game, they just eat pancakes all day.

Will be available october 19

If it can be done in 10 minutes. Lol think of scopelys roadmaps that legit take like an hour per stage cause the toons have 50k hp, i see this roadmap being that. All in all you have like 1 minute and 30 seconds ro finish each stage to finish this roadmap.

It hasn’t started yet … look at the post I think it said 19th

Ok, so they don’t proof read their posts and details, lol

For everyone’s benefit. Event ends October 30th.

What a stupid suggestion. Why would someone read the ingame information (delivered directly to them with notification) when they can just complain on the forum instead?

i dint get the in game pm lol.

Idk because I get roadmaps A, B and C. Not 1, 2 and 3. But roadmap C does not match roadmap 3.

This is all very confusing. So working as intended I guess…

Those are the second one just different varieties. Roadmap x have shown up and won’t until the 19th

Well, aside from the fact that the enemies are probably buffed to the point where each map stage will take 5 minutes, so completing all 6 stages will be FAR more than the 10 minutes that the map is available.

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