The only way prizes will get better is if you stop spending and participating in events

All of the rewards LiveOps puts out is based on data, so if there are a bunch of players spending on levels ups and events with crappy rewards, then the system will go back to LiveOps making them see that everyone enjoyed their rewards. It kinda is the players fault because LiveOps sees that players went hardcore for crap rewards, and will put them out again in the next events. Also people buying offers. I enjoyed the game when offers weren’t popping up every time I log in. That’s very annoying, but since people started buying LiveOps put more out.

Point is; that if players would stop spending and going hardcore in crappy reward events, then maybe the system will tell LiveOps that players are not enjoying the rewards, and make them better.

P. S

This has nothing to do with the #FancySpendingStrike, so I better not get banned of flagged for this. Just pointing out the facts beyond doubt.


I agree. Tons of idiots spent during CRW on cans and coining repairs.

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Yeah, players blame LiveOps for the crap rewards, but it’s the whales causing the rewards to stay crappy, so in actuality, everyone should be upset at the whales for the crappy rewards which caused people to quit. They spend; the system goes back to LiveOps causing them to keep the rewards. Lmao.

Thanks a lot whales!


I already done it, just sitting watching those cheaters burn form time to time and spenders moaning about how many of them are actually in the game. Fun game indeed, gotta go farm some…something I dunno, c u l8r


Ikr? Haha. They filtered the word so you can’t post it.



Lol :joy:. Funny

Top faction in Chilton coined so much during CRW they were actually accused of being Scopely employees lmaooo

And their excuse “We don’t care about rewards, we just like the competition”

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What a bunch of idiots. I hope they enjoyed wasting their time for their 5* Vernons. :joy:

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Totally agree on the spending side, not sure whether not participating using effort and “reserves” alone really will have an effect.

It is the same with the offers. Why do Scopely keep churning out the same seemingly insane offers? Because people are buying them! You can tell the ones not being purchase because they get cheaper every time they come out

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I can’t agree more, when they first started really ramping up the milestone rewards, Shane said that they had data that proved lots of people were really going for them, great we all thought as at that point a 1 mil milestone in a level up was an ascendable toon, at least at this stage I thought cool they have got the idea, people will be willing to put the effort in and maybe even spend to hit high milestones if the rewards are worth it. however they seem to have taken that and destroyed it by making the milestones higher for worse prizes, this looks to be the 4th individual level up in a row on my region that I don’t think anybody has bothered to go for the last milestone.

They are clearly a data driven company, and I do wonder what the data is telling them, is it just because my region is on the older side so most people on there have seen all of scopely’s tricks already, and therefore know there is no point burning ourselves out for one piece of gear, when they will have to release a roadmap at some stage for these, and we will just farm that, or is there such low attempts at going for these tournaments all over the place.

If I lived closer I would have been tempted by that reporting job there, as it would have been so interesting to see if people were still actually going for these milestones. I currently work in Business Intelligence so I do get a bit geeky about this sort of thing.

Sadly people will always spend on war, some people have to be number 1 and the only way to get that especially at the moment is through money. The only thing that will stop them is when there isn’t enough competition to feel good about getting 1st anymore.

I think that at least 95% of the people of the forum will deny spending for the rewards at the moment, probalby 90% of them are telling the truth, I have been without even a monthly pass for the past couple of weeks, as there is nothing to even think of spending on at the moment. I hate the rewards, but at the same time my wallet loves them, my bank balance is thankful for these awful rewards, lack of fodder and medals and everything else that means that even if I had coins there is nothing that I can spend them on at the moment that would actually do anything to my team.

Sorry that reply turned into something far longer than I meant it to.


The thing with participating strike is that by participating in events even with our f2p owned resources causes competition and therefore spending.

I’m all about participating in the events and actually playing the game. However, don’t expect me to throw money at game features that don’t actually pay off for me as a player. I could be spending my money on real things…like utilities, new shoes, another game console. I see these pop up offers as a nuisance. I see premier toon pulls as ludicrous. The stash is just as silly. I didn’t download this game to gamble. I play this game because I love the different characters of the WD and the team aspect of War and Faction events…but even this is starting to get stale because Scopely is only interested in short term revenue.


Re: the original comment.

No. It doesn’t work that way. Prizes should be set with rates of player growth in mind. It’s about balancing desireability of prizes against creating too much power imbalance between players.

Honestly, I think the prizes are enough that players who get them grow slow and steady without leaving people who miss tourney or two completely unable to compete.

I see your point.

As someone who has generally spent a little (only just at Prestige 11) over a long period (here since Sept 2015) a lot of where I have got to has been because of the effort I put in, not the money so I’m not about to stop that because some chump wants to compensate for their lack of effort / knowledge / skill by flexing their wallet.

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Thanks for your post. Unfortunately many ppl don’t understand and other just do it for the competition.

Face Changer 2_oz1ooh

rank 3 was 700k… pretty ridiculous fight…

Here we go again… 2 years later


For the ones who started and are in support of this #playersunited movement, a huge part of what Scopely will do next also boils down to you. You can spend but your actions will determine Scopely’s next move. As much as the ball’s in their court, you be the change you want to see.