The only prize in Assault Faction event I'm looking forward to is Tara


I only want Tara out of the lot, unless Scopley has another toon better than her.


It doesn’t look like it’ll be an event, more like a permanent always ongoing feature.




Like SR for the faction almost


We will have to see if they make 6s out of the other 5s toons. But looking at the museum I gotta wonder if the 5s tara is ascendable?

I kinda like the idea that it could be buy the 5s and spend resources to ascend or save depot pts and spend on the straight to 6s.


Does this mean the end of weapons crafting factions?


Probably not, but the window to drop and rejoin might be a bit more difficult to manage.


They all look relatively decent. Connor has a decent AR, David is a melee neutralize with a decent AR as well, and then there is that human shield 4* if you desperately needed one.


When did they actually say she was going to be a prize from what I understood she will be for sale in the sales depto



can u put ss of tara info?



Never doubt the rib cage