The Only Exploit this game has is its Account luck exploit

No one hits a 100% and yes some spend much to overcome bad luck … But Scopley with out a doubt uses “sliders” on accounts … Dont think for one second all our accounts dont have algorithms that monitor our habits/tendacies

There is in fact accounts that always get toons while others never do and thats regardless of what was spent

Ive dropped multiple big pulls never have landed an actual op toon in their prime … While the people who always spend always get them

When a wheel says .05 or whatever current crap odds are … The odds should mean we see maybe 1 or 2 doc stevens - 1 or 2 negans … Yet 100s of people have 1 or dupes of these … Well those pull odds sure dont add up to .05 lol


I dunno…sometimes i get awesome luck and sometimes shitty luck.

I have made single pulls and got awesome toons.
I have made huge pulls and got diddly squat.

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As in when they pull they get the toon, they dont do multiple x40s, they’ve never had to, seen it today with the new toon

This is a 10 pull and as you can see, theres the promo and 3 other 5*

Stretch that

Same account that got “lucky” many times in the past, many times in the future, good luck to him/her BUT it just shows some accounts get this all the time, they dont know some players literally spend hundreds if not thousands going for toons

Also, this account also got the 16,500 coins with 3 token pulls …

I stopped playing heavily for 2-3 weeks due to work. Still played reasonably for faction events but that was it. I hadn’t been getting lucky pulls aside from a Raven from a 40. Everything else garbage. After the Raven pull I stopped spending for that 2-3 week period.
I started playing heavily again this week, after 8 months of getting no decent crafts I got 2 stuns and 1 absolute def in 3 crafts (my 4th was another crit, but not a top crit) , I pulled Ajax from war tokens and Douglas from 5star tokens. I also pulled 2 5stars in 4 days from SC tokens after having only ever receiving 4stars in about 3 and a bit months up until that point. There’s chance and then there is something that is just so utterly extremely unlikely that it can’t be put down to chance. Sliders are definitely there.
Reduce your play for a month, then go heavy for a week. See if it works for you.


Are they new to the game?

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Been saying this for years, I believe it’s account code.

Nope, been playing since possibly first week game was released.

he plays in increments as the person above stated. sometimes he works abroad and cant get on, misses some events etc

That’s not even a good pull. The more often you pull the better your “luck”

I’m not sure i get you?

getting the promo with 2200 coins is a great pull by any standard

the only time something close to that happened was my single pulling shield jesus with free coins 8 seconds into his 1st promo … the many many pulls after going for a 2nd one was my major downfall but i digress, getting toons youre aiming for is always a good thing, to get them on 10s and maybe 1 x 40 is amazing by any standard and to have a great success rate is also amazing

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I also believe there are sliders for odds. Certain faction mates keep 1 or 10-pulling the latest promo toons but not I.

I pulled 190 times last night until I got a single ascendable. 189 pulls and not a single ascendable?! Seriously!? That’s almost $500 worth of coins. Used over 40,000 coins! Luckily the ascendable I finally got on the 190th pull was Diego.

That’s the last time I’m dropping money on this game. It’s absolutely ridiculous and no I do not believe that some people have that good of luck and I do not and that the odds are the same for everyone. Once it becomes a trend it is NOT strictly chance. Perhaps it’s not anything nefarious/intentional and the developers just don’t know how to generate a random number (like they are using part of the account code to do so or something).

Job done @Wanderer . Now I can retire :grinning:


Lol. 7 char

Guess I should turn it up a notch.

I believe my account is rigged 500 pull fail with no Promo, peep got Mia this morning on a single pull, and they wonder why I’m now F2P until my team isn’t viable anymore followed by retirement🤗

It’s funny how often back in my pulling days you get the promo on the last pull to hmm interesting :man_shrugging:t3:

I have a lucky account I pull the same repeats over and over and over and over and over and over and over.
Hundreds of characters from 3★’s to 5★’s and I almost always get ones I already have or had, maybe once every 8-12 months I’ll get unlucky and get a character I have never owned.

Oh I’m also super lucky when it comes to crafting weapons, I always get the outcome least wanted and got unlucky 2 weeks ago getting stun after years of almost daily trying.

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