The only explanation

Lol. I’ve long thought that the people running this game were not-smart we can call it? But who knows,perhaps they really are just trying to kill the game…

Myself, I’m helping my faction do one more T6 FA, and then I’m dropping out. Between shields, revives, and their moronic changes to Leagues, its just not much fun for me. I can always find a weaker player to stomp on, but that’s lost any savor too.

Fun game being managed into the ground.


Scopely cares only about $$$


That’s the stupidest part! I belive reemphasis on fun would make them more money. Its their game.

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Or maybe it’s a free to play mobile game, and they are trying to make as much money as possible to pay devs an everyone at the HQ?

It’s their game, as I said. In my opinion, if their goal is to make money though, they are acting against the best way to do it. Your opinion obviously varies.

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What are ya talking about…if I got a golden goose I gotta wait a whole day for a golden egg. But if I kill that sucker and open her up I can get all the eggs now.

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Doh! What was I thinking? lol

That’s not how eggs work…

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Oh honey. Please. They are a multimillion dollar company and all they can do is fail. It’s not about making ends meet for them it’s about bleeding players dry.

lol. Pretty much what I’m thinking as well.

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