The One Toon Challenge


To inject a bit of fun into the game and add an extra element to the daily grind and tedious events I have devised the below challenge that I invite you to join if you wish. This is just for a bit of fun and thought I would share in case anyone else wanted an extra element to the game. This will obviously use up world energy so I know this will not be for everyone. Will add new rules etc. as and when people suggest.

The One Toon Challenge

Progress as far in the Mission Campaign using only one Legendary Character (or Below) without dying. The last SUCCESSFUL stage completed is your score.


You may use only one Legendary or below Character (Any level is acceptable), this character is then your chosen charcter until they are defeated.

Any character is allowed however once defeated they are permanantly dead and can not be used in the challenge again.

You may begin at ANY stage on the map however you may not go lower than this once chosen.

If you die on your first chosen stage, you may begin again however you MUST use a new character

No items are allowed however mods are acceptable.

No Faction Support Members

Basic Weapon ONLY - No Stun guns etc. with the exception of any locked weapons.


As a benchmark

I first began with my Alert Madison 6* Fully Maxed - I began on level 16:8 - I vastly overestimated my Toons strength and was defeated… quickly

I rethought and came back with Strong Carl 6* Fully Maxed - I began on good old 12:4 and was able to win comfortably. I decided to make the jump to 13:3 and whilst a little more dfficult was still successful. I went back to my nemesis of 16:8… too my suprise that was also completed. Feeling confident I did the leap to 23:8… this was a mistake. I lost in round 5.

So my score currently is 16:8.


what are basic weapons?


Just meant cant add a weapon to the character such as a stun gun. Any weapon that is locked to the character is fine. Will make an edit to be clear


I took challenge and here is result so far, Carl 18-1


I tried with Dante and it took like 20 minutes lol


He heals and gives defense but not much damage output


He didn’t revive himself? It doesn’t work this way? Meh …


Tried with Duane, tier 2 level 54. Died on the first stage, 16-1.


Only tried one stage so far. Will try later stages soon but yay Christmas shiva


Nice, i just did 19.3


Welp i think i have the highest score of 23:8
Plus im glad i did this cause i got a Lilith out of it useing my aris Thanks Bud i had fun doing this.


haha congrats :smiley:


glad your all enjoying it. Feel free to add any suggestions to up the anty.


Well Done!


23-8. used the promo. t2 max. stock weapon. shes a spec so no leader either.


So single toons have outgrown the maps that used to take effort for a team of 6…


^^ Lmaooo seems that way :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Found a use for Dev finally :joy:. Weapon just has crit, vl & 20 def.


23:8 Was quite easy and fast with 6 star Clem