The 'One time offer' is hilariously bad Mathematically in comparison to the normal offers

There is a one time offer for 47.99GBP for 20 arena tokens.

The daily offer is 3 guaranteed arena tokens + the chance at 1, 2 or 5 extra. On average this offer works out at 4.08 arena tickets and costs 2.79GBP. Therefore equating to about 1.462 tickets per pound.

If that was scaled up to 47.99 pounds, it would give 70 tickets. 50 more or 250% more.

This means their ‘one time offer’ has 2/7ths the value (28.6%) of the normal daily offers if you buy in bulk.

Scopely’s mathematical inability (not necessarily working it out, but just being able to see the awful value in comparison) seriously staggers me. If buying in bulk you should get a better value in general. That offer should give 100 tokens bare minimum if you wanted to get people to buy them. Although I personally think even that would be insane over valuation of the cost of pixels.


The saddest part is that a handful of whales will still blindly press buy and pay scopely for this bs.


Lmao I clicked on the deal and I thought I was reading it wrong. This whole arena shit is beyond agrivating.

They are probably thinking it’s a good since Raj entry is 250 coins so 20 entries would be 5,000 coins (just think about how ridiculous that is in itself). So 50 bucks is around 4,100 coins if you buy a 100 pack. Just trying to get in the mind of these psychos.


to address you both.

why do you assume it’s only whales who buy these? you’d be surprised.

it’s aggravating and don’t feel like teaching native speaker speaking their own language but it is what it is.

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you are not to do maths here :shushing_face:

Haha, they definitely wouldn’t want that. Could affect the bottom line


What? Where did my post contain anything about whales?



It’s designed to make you buy the better offer…(your reactions are correct btw)…but people then look at the cheaper option and see better value and impulsively buy it…

They make more money by selling many smaller offers as is the case in all mobile phone games…suggestive selling…makes sense…?

Spot on son

Sales tactics.
And of course scopleys math is always way of too.

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