The One Man Army

So a huge thing I’ve noticed this war, is the prevalent emergence of the one man army. This has always been a bit of a thing, but this is the first time it seems these single OP players refuse to drop D and allow both factions to move on after a bit. Instead they are scoring 15k of their faction’s total 18k, wasting an extra 10 minutes of everyone’s time waiting out the retreat.

The gap between these players and other players has become so significant with SClass in some cases it can’t be overcome. Maybe it’s just in our grouping, but there seem to be random s14+ teams thrown into many average factions. The retreat button has never been exercised so much in my past experience anyway.

Has anyone else been having the same thing going on?


Yup. I think it speaks to how jacked up the game balance is. Even with a whole war to get towers, build a team specifically to go against one of those wallet warriors, some teams are impossible to defeat.


Seen it a lot this weekend


6v6 it seems less daunting/takes less time for them. Need 8v8 back

Ya but I’m not blaming them.they prob just want points too.


It’s called the men (S-Class) fighting against the boys (tier 2 6stars).

If there was a gap between the top and the rest of the pack 3 months ago, when teams have 3+ S-CLASS… Good luck

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I’m not sure they care about points. If they were prize conscious players, why they are playing in factions ranking 50-80 in war? :woman_shrugging:

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Big fish little pond

A lot of times they want points, they want to enjoy their teams without the seriousness of a higher end faction, sometimes they’re semi retired and just play when they can and they’re extremely powerful, I’ve seen it a lot this war but I’ve seen it a lot for the past few years. For some people that’s their situation or for others that’s their intention and they like being the big fish in the small pond and praised. I’ve been guilty of this in the past(maybe present) but it’s because I’ve stepped down to semi retire or don’t want to put the type of effort in for top factions.


So are you saying they’re there to slow down other top teams or something?

Yes! Have seen this so many times this war, it’s infuriating and selfish. They hold not only the opposing team up but their own. We destroy 5 camps and then get stuck unless we decide to call it quits and retreat. Even then we have to wait another 10 minutes.

Well they always there it is just the power gap has exploded that makes them more obvious. I have a buddy who plays in in a fifth ranked region faction and has all the s class. Facing him without serious firepower is futile.

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it actually.quite refreshing, battling against lower facs, cleaong them.all up and scoring 20k lol

I might try again, war is getting way to annoying


Yeah, I totally get that, but almost always in the past, the “big fish” will drop D to move on after a set of defends all around. This weekend is the first time retreat has been forced on us a dozen times or so.

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Agreed Freshoftheboat. Sometimes it’s nice to spend more or less some vacation time in a lower faction helping out and farming up cans again and such.

Also agreed Jadcmsu. If I can’t win I’ll drop D and move on, if I can win I might fight just because it can be a lot of fun taking on multiple people and having an epic fight but I know it isn’t as fun for the other side and people get really angry about the wasted time when they’re chasing down a better placement.

5 Sclass is not the worry for me personally. A full 6 star team with Laopo can take 5 sclass down by just neutering them all. 3 Sclass, Doc and a Command or Doc and a Shield is when it becomes an impossibility. But what you are saying is spot on and perfectly highlighted by @Disillusioned’s comment about it showing how massively unbalanced the game is now.

However, nobody can claim a player with 3+ Sclass is ‘semi-retired’. The fact they have 3 or more shows they are not.


Think im party 1 of them. But i drop def if i cant win or the points is way to diffrent. But if its 0-5k point difrent and all my teammates dies and i can hit every i will make sure we win.

I scored over 300k of our 1.1m points

i do it cose its fun and cose i have been in the same faction sinse i started play and we are a good fun grop of ppl so why shud i move from all friends and a faction i like only cose im stronger?

I dont want the high pressure of doing good in a high faction for me it is a game and it shud be fun to play and not a most think most ppl feel the same

I agree its anoying when ppl dont swap when we lead whit over 10k
but its even more anoying when ppl coin back in even when they cant win if you cant hit every1 and are way behind in points the why coin in ? There you have a real time waster


My faction got solo’d by a single Russian player

Vexing indeed. Should reduce the time on retreat, maybe 5 minutes. Especially in this 6v6.


I think that’s one of the reasons we got retreat back in 2017 when we used to have the same issue but the wait instead of 10min of retreat used to be the whole hour.