The one and two man faction emergence!


Here in wheeler our region is undergoing a steady decline over the last year and half. The population (active) is roughly 650 now, from over 2500 many moons ago. These last few months I have noticed factions with one and two people being able to periodically take and hold territories now. Also these guys are scoring top 25s in faction events. The faction system here is breaking down faster than the population is as I’ve noticed players refuse to quit but leave factions to be on their own. There’s one called one woman army, she gets almost up to top 20 by her lonesome. I’m guess this is a sign of things to come.
Older regions will probably understand this throughly. We’re not dead, but the columns are cracking rapidly now.


On one hand, I’m glad to have not as much comp.
On the other, what’s the point of winning when you’re the only one around?


Maybe people are tired of dealing with other peoples petty bs but they still like to play the game. Let’s be real 90% of the game is a solo activity anyway.

War and faction assault are the only things you need extra people around for. And you can probably do t1 and t2 by yourself since there is no timer involved. So really just war.




OP is way off, she was a power player for a long time and is semi retired. She would be back in our faction if she decided she wanted to play seriously.


Wheeler is shrinking though, wish we could get some new blood and revive the region a bit


I think this is the issue here… How can one go form casual to serious in this game climate right now? Serious meaning accessible 24/7? Serious meaning willing to spend 10% of your monthly pay on the game? I have been a “serious” player in the past to my own degree and it got me nowhere except burnt out on the game. Luckily my faction realized my casual play was better then 90% of the regions “serious” play.


I’ve noticed this happening in my region as well. A few solid players are sitting in their own factions. One is called ‘Bastardfree zone’ :joy: I can see the appeal of it. Right now, my faction mates keep me motivated but in another year or so, they might just get on my nerves.


people are probobly getting tired of the old regions my region richmond is very much almost dead or its that everyone is talking on fac chat


Maybe one day we’ll get a merge. Maybe…


We’d take her back part time no problem if she wanted to, she is taking the break for herself, she’s still part of our group chat and everything. She realized she was spending too much time and money on the game, she’s got more sense than most of us lol.


I think iron and wine hit it on the head. People get tired of the same old BS day in day out. I see it so much in wheeler, people moving around for petty reasons. Sometimes I hoped it be like some of the older regions where the factions are more set.


Kroo… I understand about Tara. Many people get down from time to time. I’ve stopped my spending except for an occasional SR tourney ever few months. Maybe that explains a lot, burnout.


I was a 1 man faction for over a year, always placed top 25 in events, solo and faction, except wars. So I opened up my faction to anyone who only wants to do as little as possible, but still collect rewards.
It is awesome having like-minded people who don’t support the greed but like the game.


And just like that… the bull crap starts again. One guy in our faction pulled a stunt, triggered T3 faction assault without approval or notice to all. He leaves, then 4 others get pissed off and leave afterwards. Maybe iron and wine got it right, too much BS, so maybe smaller factions are the way of the future in old regions


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