The old day (2yrs++)



Let’s talk about issue from the past that we were so exciting or struggle in the good old days
for example , there was an issue about how to beat the full team of 5Andrea , 4 Molly rush so fast , the first release of 5* Negan , Yellow Morgan was the best melee df…:star_struck:


I remember throwing my phone over Molly healing :joy:


I throw my phone now cuz of shiva or priya getting lucky and confusing my team


Progression was actually possible at a steady rate just by grinding hard. Character roadmaps obviously helped but the whole game seemed more designed to played back then rather than just paid for.

Anyone could win a level up just by prepping properly.

The game had issues but also seemed to have a plan of development

Lots has changed over the past 2 years, its just a massive shame most of it has ended as feature creep for the sake of it. Nothing has been finished or even left working as it should be.

For all the claims that feature creep push engagement I’m pretty sure it pushes as many people towards the exit as it does engage people

3 more in my region gone since the Gear Depot debacle.

Several more stating this weekends CRW is the last they will be participating in.
Such a shame to see a game that was once filled with promise being so badly managed


Found this ss and had to share. I thought putting a scary toon out front would make people not raid me, and got raided more :cry: cruel world


Those were the days! :joy::joy:


Then there’s was this about Region Merging in August 2016. Never happened (only Atkinson/Crawford)


Lol sorry but I have to ask. What did you find particularly scary about a lead toon with no leader skill?
We had someone in my region using a revive Rosita as a leader for about 6 months. He was in a lower faction and I tried explaining in PM a few times that she doesn’t have a leader skill. I later found out that this guy didn’t speak any English whatsoever. So I can chalk that one up to language barrier.


Haha I was VERY VERY VERY new. I made a video on my channel about leader skills, and how stupid I was. This was me, as a noob, with my very first 5 star. I didn’t know about leader skills, at all. And absolutely nobody tried to help or show me anything until I got in a better faction and it was the first thing they said. I changed it once I realized what I did wrong. But at the time I was like, neutralize?!?! Best in game!! Lmao.


I laffed.


Green abe was my first 5*. I ran a team with him, Bo, Rod, and 2 Chucks. Lol I thought Bo was amazing that he could kill most toons with with his rush and abes atk boost.


I remember the day when I had all the Rick in different name in my team mix with 345* , very proud at that time :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


This used to be the team to have in my region a couple years ago…


This team look solid and very nice, I miss all of the creative team set up before 6*


3 Andreas, a command and a shield


this was every other team.


That’s what I was hinting on


I will date myself and test some of the old vets…

this was 10/01/15 (my second month playing)

who can tell me were some of those chars are from?.


Glenn for starting the game, the tutorial. Tyreese the Skybound edition for linking your Facebook. I had Hershel, I think maybe from an event but not sure lol
I still have my Glenn and Tyreese


hhahah c’mon , I mean others team too but I think u get my point lol:joy:


I miss Green Joshua, used him for a really long time :disappointed_relieved: