The Official Request Thread (aka the Gimme thread)


Don’t forget benidict! :joy:


Legendary Tokens and Legendary upgrade gear


OG (blue) Dwight
Finally introduce gold radios for a daily epic and ultra map right next to the rare ones.


I got cannon folder for 6☆ so i forget about bendict. I get enough food off 5☆ tokens


No more offer pop ups if I’m interested I know where to go. Popping it in my face just pisses me off especially when I’m about to splode someone’s camp during war and bam pop upGIFs201710915846


I already suggested what i want in different threads i posted so i ll link them here in descending order of importance.


Really, there’s only one thing that I want.



Food production needs to be increased, with the introduction 6* and really high milestones in LU it’s really hard to keep up, even if you farm daily.


LE Negan, but it would be SOO unfair to those who paid in attempts to get him. I was robbed on barker and samurai Jesus, they are great still.

But if we’re talking seriously: trading system, anti cheating fixes, supply depot revamp, trainers, equipment, multiple events not coming in a row of similar, milestones rethinking, really rare available survival road pk and dt . Cheers


:musical_note: Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire! :musical_note:


Not sure if anyone else would agree but would like to see the world map to open more lvls also open the rest of the town so we will have a way to burn up some of the materials


Need 6* gear to get all my ascendables into T4.

Need a more consistent way to get fives also its getting boring pulling one at a time five star tokens and prestige tokens to get four stars…

Throw some five stars in a roadmap or a few roadmaps.

It would be great if you brought back raids that dropped stuff that mattered at the moment such as negan tokens, five star tokens, prestige, whatever something we can farm. I never raid anymore…


We all want and need the 3 level gear map that was promised when 6* first came out.
The gear map that appeared once but was promised to be seen regularly.
The gear map that has not been seen since…


Ygl (or tons of food) and legendary medals…without these I just have a lot of toons collecting dust


Open World map. Tired of seeing "Coming Soon "
Need 6* Gear.
Need more Lilith and Aden.
Need roadmaps were the reward is a 5*


Duct Tape!! and PKs too, but I always seems to have excess PKs.
Spray Paint!!! and I guess Super Glue? (See comment above)
WALKIE TALKIES to go with the 23 School Bags I have. Honestly, how is this even possible that RNG hates me this much?
More Food!! My people are HUNGRY!!
Road Maps for Legendary Gear, or some alternative ways to get the gear to T3/T4 the characters.
Quicker Release of OG Ascendable Toons.

  • Benedicts
  • Liliths
  • Military Watches (0)
  • Schoolbags (I have 14 walkie to 4 school bags)
  • Radios (or at least a road map to get legendary gear)
  • Better luck to pull ascendable characters or even an already ascended character or a decent 5* (a shield would be nice) (why does the game hate me so much, I’m starting to take it personally) - I have 7 freakin’ Katjaas! She’s threatening to take over. I’m scared.
  • the characters that I do have that are on the list be available for ascension already.


More f2p 6* ASAP. Preferably some with leader skills. The game is dull due to everyone running the same toons.


While we’re at it, please raise player levels higher than 125.

Please open the rest of the town.

Need farms to produce more food, we all need this badly.


Everything is already said, it’s been quite a while since we haven’t got a pk & dt map :tired_face: