The Official Request Thread (aka the Gimme thread)

That’s right. The Gimme Gimme thread.

(Jesus this GIF is huge.)

The purpose of this thread is to keep track of items, characters, tokens, etc that you feel you need at any given time.

The idea is to have a place that’s easy for devs and players to take a look at at any point in time and get a feel for what players are in need of.

The forums is obviously the hub for this, but as we’ve all noted, this feedback can and does get lost depending on what’s going on that day within the forum.

I will be keeping an eye on this thread alongside the forum to help gauge what we can offer in events, etc.

Please, let’s keep drama and discussion out of this thread. Focus on short responses that are straight to the point. That will really help!

Thank you everyone!

Right now, I really really need at least 10 Legendary Medals! Shiva must ascend!


GPS, canteen, hockey mask.

6* gear


More ascendables.


Need DT and PK I go through them like


I’m in dire need of Benedicts -the more the better- ideally in multiples of 8 thank you.

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6 star gear map

More OG ascendables
More OG ascendables

Wep parts roadmaps


Better deals then that other place would be a start.
Elite character token redemption counter
Coming up with a way to make all the armory criticals useful. If it isn’t a stuntanna, impair,stun, abs defense, ap to all , it’s pretty much a waste of resources and a reset.

It would piss me off less if the other criticals were just as good but we all know they aren’t

What I need is an explanation. Why does my pet tiger need a GPS and how the hell am I supposed to get it to put on 6 hockey masks?


My top 3 needs are;

  • 6 star upgrade gear
  • Lillith and Ulysses trainers
  • Weapon crafting items
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Elite Character token drops in raids.


Need a constant stream of Lilliths.

I want Negan’s Tank


Ulysses. Those things are rarer than actual 6*

Also NEED a roadmap that introduces 6* items like rare/elite roadmaps. Make them 50 energy to play. I don’t care. I have like 300 world energy cans that I don’t really use anyways.

Liliths, ulysses no point in ascending/pulling without them, so i wont untill i get enough.

Benedicts/5* tokens
T8 gear for 6*
T7 gear for 6*
Ascendable epics

A world can offer that is actually cheaper than buying them straight out for 100 coin a pop with no extra baggage. Farming at this pt is the only way to keep building and the economy has yet to adapt properly in many ways. World can token offer like war/raid tokens of old would be great if designed to be cheaper than straight buys.

Any other tourney prize is basically worthless.

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Also , why can’t I have a ranged character who wields a brick? Why can’t we upgrade four star Jesus, Put stun on his boot and ko people for a turn.

How about a different take on human shield, hostage taker.
When activated the character can place a random character from the other team in front of themselves to absorb damage…but make it an active skill and not a regular rush so it couldn’t immediately be abused

I always used to wonder what Duane will do with 6 whole police shields. Build a fort, was what I came up with. Shiva’s a big girl, maybe she’ll use them as kibble bowls.

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I really need Scopley to fix the basic tokens. It’s useless because all we get is useless 1* weapons and toons instead of 2 and 3* toons like before the update 8.0 came around.

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I want a trading Post.
I want my armory to work right (only so many def down or att down weapons a person can have)
I want the gear map on Thursday to be tripled for the same amount of energy.
I want the legendary gear maps released like yesterday.

I need/want the roadmap for red plastic pieces to run for 20 more days so I can make my 1st 4-star weapon pull from the museum. Gimme gimme gimme, I need I need I need! :smiley:

There are… talks.

fingers crossed



Couldn’t resist.

4s tokens and benedicts.