The number 1 faction of all time is!


That is right. Scopely is the number 1 faction, number 1 player, the best of the best, no one beats scopely, not notorious, not abusment park, not TTT, not any super faction merger name change, etc. Scopely wins and will win every single time. Keep surviving and scopely will keep being number 1. With all the D measuring going on now about top fac this and top fac that, thought i would remind everyone who the real top is, that is scopely.


True, they are the only faction to have been undefeated, lawsuit? More 7* to ruin the game. Coingate? 2 week faction lock! Promises? Nah, enjoy 7* buff by x2 the stats!


I don’t know top 12 of all time are probably:

1 Notorious
2. Endgame
3. AP
4. FKR
5. VV
6. Scorched Earth
7. Mofos
8. Dirty 30 (Coweta region)
9. Strictly Business
10. TTT
11. Dead End
12. LAD


I think a faction needs to have existed for a few months and at least 3/4 CRW before making the ‘all time’ list or you can add a new ‘all time’ great after every merge and CRW.

Scopely beats all those factions cause all those facs pay scopely.


Does Top 10 get another useless emblem or a mark on their permanent record. Being the #1 faction in a mobile game has about as much value as having a full scholarship to Hamburger University.


At least with Hamburger university you can get some laughs out of your friends. You gain nothing being in the top faction in this game.

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This is true. YOU gain nothing but scopely gains everything :grin:

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Scopely steals your wallet and cash like a bunch of sneaky ninjas.

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We are more easy for them to steal from since they put us into buckets

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They’re about as bad ingame as they are at managing the forums. They don’t like my Chinese government jokes, nor my meme threads.

whale ???


Just in case you may have not known McDonald’s really has\had a University called Hamburger University in Oak Brook, IL, it was a really good place to go back in the day.

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Yeah that was the reference thanks for explaining my joke :rofl:

I guess it blew over my head, but even today, even with MCD being a shit company, you’d be 100% better off then being in a top faction with this company.

idk man vk and other cheats come to a close 2nd?

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But if scopely is VK they win even more :thinking: :hushed: :exploding_head:


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