The (Not So) Good Days of Road to Survival


Remember the good days of Road to Survival? The days where 5* characters actually had worth and weren’t just fodder for 6*? Remember when rewards were promising for events and tournaments? Remember when Scopely was not about scams but actual good deals? Unfortunately, those old days are long gone. Now it is 6* Mania with garbage prizes and garbage deals.


Faction Level up had 4* toon as a reward for 90% of events.

Top 5 in war got 3 gear bags and ZERO

There is a fantasy about so called “good rewards” the only “good rewards” were solo events with 5* toons and war with 5* toons. Most of the other “valuable rewards” have always been absolutely non-player-first.

Don’t fall into the trap of “good ole days” Back in those days, 1st place got Lester, 2nd and 3rd place got WORTHLESS 5*


Ah who am I kidding. You’re right. Those old limited war toons are worthless now that they are available in either premier or 5* tokens.


And Lester was an abhoration, it was usually some garbage like Bonnie or David


Red Eugene

the list goes on and on, and that was 1st place!

there were a handful of war prizes that are still being used in PVP modes but that was 1st place only (3rd for Lori once) 2nd and 3rd place usually got leftover rubbish



Clem was good


I would have to agree with the people above.
Seems like many folks don’t remember 4* Clem being a WAR prize.
Or Vernon for top3.
Red Abe (splash damage) as top1.
Ezekiel (life steal) as top1.
Rosita (tenacity) as top1.
and so on…

Things got better when they started given 5* tokens so other factions could compete but even then it wasn’t enough.


Now the reward for 1st place in faction level up is the equivalent of half of an RNG 4*


5* Clem, the yellow 30/30 lead skill one


I don’t remember yellow clem as a war prize, might have been before I was in a war faction.

I got yellow clem from Telltale event, but all the teams I faced with her as lead never made a difference in war. I think that’s because it was before 8% AP all weapons were so common


Maybe the 3rd war. Around wanderer time


4* Clem was for a faction raid or LU event, not war.


Yeah never mind. The prizes aren’t the best. Thanks for showing me how garbage rewards were I guess.


4* Clem was 2nd in the blue Gov war, I know because my faction got screwed out of 2nd place for it.
Only thing I could find was a post on the old forum. How times change :joy:


Yep, prizes have no gotten worse because that is one garbage war :slight_smile:

I still think the Wilkins prize is the absolute worst, he wasn’t even good for Survival Road


Oh yeah, I don’t remember the second place ones, except for the ones where we intentionally took 2nd, like Richard, Shane, etc. 5* Clem was a war reward early on. She was an amazing toon.


It was fun when there was excitement and new adventures to be had. I think we all look back on our initial journey as being great as there were shiny things around every corner.

Now there has been no new map for months, most of us are stuck farming the same boring level to get enough food to put up scores to get our next serve of tokens so we can stash useless 5 stars to wait for the ascendence snail to spit out another toon we can make useful.

Tournaments used to be super competitive and often came down to nailbiting finishes as the top scorers cashed in everything they had, and coined for resources and cans to win them. Now people log minimal points to get a few milestones and actively try and avoid winning or second place.

So for those saying there has been no change, no you are wrong. There has been a complete shift in enthusiasm for the game from the long term players.


The “change” ultimately ends up being based on the individual’s perspective. For me, I’ve always played the game based on resource allocation. Recent events of players needing certain items like Benedicts/food is apparent of that. I’ve also always played tournaments based on which prizes are worth it, rather than strictly for competitive or completion it’s reasons.

It’s like how players are complaining about the recent imbalances with 6s. While they do have a valid point, certain premier characters always represented that imbalance to me too. The only difference is that premier characters were rather exclusives to paying players whereas 6s can be obtained by anyone.

There is no right or wrong with situations like this since every players’ enthusiasm/goals were always different from each other.


Don’t forget Caroline! I think we got 3 Caroline’s (third place in war) and on the fourth we tanked for tokens


It Might have helped if scopely hadn’t forced ascendance on us.
I was kind of enjoying getting some decent 5s since they originally updated the 5 token wheel. So much for that.