The next update

Please do not disappoint with the next update as it’s the biggest update the game has ever seen

How can you get hope? They just failed the biggest event in the entire game


Hina’s event is about to be over. So Idk what scopely gonna do.

They ain’t all homeruns look at pathways and skull tokens they have done well with those while the last event was lame they have done much better lately and the choice box reward is where it’s at battle for what u want within reason

Trust me, many won’t like this update. Not just because of Arenas, but because Charlie’s weapon can now be resisted.

Its always been able to be resisted. Its 100% to taunt someone with no taunt resist. If taunt resist procs, it can be resisted. Has always been that way. Maybe you just never noticed or never had a taunt resist proc against him. :man_shrugging:

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I’ve never seen it resisted until this update, same as other people. Some people that aren’t in beta said they’ve tested it multiple times with 70+% resist mods and it hasn’t been resisted once.

I cant speak to others experiences, but ive had it resisted. Both before and after this update.

Well idk why it resisted for you then. Nobody has ever said that it’s been resisted except very few people from what I’ve seen. Up until now it’s always hit.

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Maybe they just never took issue with a taunt resist procing. I dont know. Shivas active is 100% chance to stun. Unless resisted. Same mechanic, from what ive seen.

It could have been designed differently. There’s no official statement made by the company so nobody could know for sure.

It has never been resisted before for me but with scopely latest attitude towards players I wouldn’t be surprised that Michelle would lose her lead skill and Regina becomes execute instead of decap cuz those are what’s wrong in the game

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Could also be the trend towards taunt resist mods on defense. Not many were using taunt resist on shields and such before recently. I dont know. I just know its always been able to be resisted by a mod, in my experience. Ita not something ive discussed at length, though. I jist thought that was the way it was, in the mechanics of the mods and weapon specials.

Lots of top teams are already loaded with taunt resists Mias Elles etc … i know mine is long ago and Charlie was key to counter those

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Ok. But, that doesnt change what ive seen. Lol. I have a taunt resist on my Ajax for raids. Have since i got him. Ran in to a few charlies on defense with him crw before last, and he resisted the taunt. A few times. Rng gon’ rng.

Two days ago I’ve literally done multiple dozen friendly duels against a faction mate with Charlie in his DEF. He taunted my Koa with 55 taunt resist every single time.

So I don’t think Charlie can be resisted at the moment.

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Up to 5 minutes ago I literally duel teams loaded with taunt resist mods up to 73% with Charlie and never got resisted once ! I must have god mode on RNG maybe my Sergio will hit 1000% damage every time too :laughing:


Unfortunately that will likely change with this new update.

Some ppl have also never seen the huge toon bug, or never get their green stuns to proc. :man_shrugging:

Never has charlie been resisted lol