The next ten new characters to be released should be Citizens

Hopefully the next special event toons as well.

It’s pretty ridiculous how imbalanced it has become. Design almost no citizen characters and yet 8/10 toons you get from basic tokens (when they’re not useless 1* weapons) are citizens. Gee, thanks.

Tear. Down. This. Wall… that’s blocking all the citizen characters.


Citizens arent prepared to be more than a 3star. They basically become Peacekeepers or Leaders when they grow up.

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My roster is full of citizens

I’m actually low on citizen gear at the moment lol

Ironically, Lydia. The most broken toon of this meta so far to any f2p player. Is Citizen.

Well, she and that new disarming toon. There are others but pretty sure none would beat the newest toons.

This actually makes a lot of sense in why there is a ton of them as 1 and 2 stars but only a few 5 and even lless 4.

anyways the next 10 characters i assume are citizens of the United States so all is good.

Is this like guess who? Is teh next character release bald?