The next quality of life change


Show of hands who else here is tired of having to manually switch teams just about every stage in survival road?

Scopely I think we desperately need the ability to store and set up teams just for survival road. Having to do this manually is driving me insane and is a big waste of my time. Please implement a similar system like we have for setting up teams now but just for survival road. We would all appreciate this quality of life feature greatly.

  • Yes, we are tired of having to manually input teams
  • No, we don’t need this feature.

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@kalishane @Shawn.Scopely Please discuss adding this feature with the team if the votes indicate it is something the players would like. Thank you.

If you vote no I would like to hear your reasoning for doing so.


Excuse me sir, you can’t participate in the poll you created. That clearly flaws the results, I’m now unfriending you and reporting you to MySpace.


Hopefully there is the auto filling feature, either way it could be even worse


If the president can vote for himself I don’t see why I can vote in my own poll. What would have been strange is if I voted no after taking the time to post it, lol :crazy_face:


Very true bud. However I’m still reporting you to MySpace.


Autofill stinks. It just throws the 5 strongest into the fray. It works for the easy levels but it’s suicide for the most part once you hit elite. You also still have to change weapons when you go from all humans to all walkers or the hybrid stages.

I use like 2 teams for the most part outside of the really strict stages but there is no way it wouldnt be better if we could store a dozen or more presets and save the time from manually having to swap toons and weapons every stage or two.


I fully agree with your points man, but it would prolly take a bit of time to code all that properly. I’d rather see them spend time on fixing territory crashes and opening up more space in our towns and actually giving us new chapters on the world map. Such a laundry list of things that could make the game more enjoyable.


I have given up on this ever being fixed. It’s been at least half a year. If they cant figure it out by now there is no hope.

World map is also never happening. No money in it. New “story” content will only come by the roadmap.

They already have a roster in place they just need to copy and make it fit into survival road. I do not see how this could be complicated for them. Anyone with a programming background want to way in? I could be wrong here.

@CombatMan @CombatDevIl @Agrajag Care to offer an opinion?


I understand there’s not much money to be made on more world map chapters, but it would be nice if they did one or two more chapters to finish up the storyline and not have to see the coming soon icon anymore. Hell they could even bump up the difficulty now that the 6* era is here like how they did for the Bruce roadmap. Same with the stamina required jump it up to 24 per stage and give us better rewards for the effort and energy.


Weirdly I agree with this whole thread. Quick, somebody flag it and shit this Sh!t down

Definitely a QoL improvement distinct from core game mechanics.


I’ve said it before, but it cannot be hard to do. There are a limited number of SR stage “types”. Probably no more than 30, so would it be so hard for the game to remember the last team you ran on a particular type? Doesn’t need to be an editable team within our roster, nor even visible at any point other than when we are attempting that particular type, but it’s frustrating as hell setting up a walker team, getting a human mission and then the identical walker stage straight after. And once you get onto Elite, autofill rarely cuts the mustard


Not to piss on an idea that isn’t awful, but have you seen other Scopely AI? I’d rather do the teams myself and know i’m taking crit weapons into walker stages, mixed to mixed, and control to human. I’d rather see quality of life that’s an easy fix like removing the apply from adding faction support or them finally fixing the territory reset bullcrap, before they try to tackle complicated multi-variable problems.


I have definitely found this annoying, since forever. But I view this as more of a greater UI problem than anything. A good portion of players have at least a hundred 5s by now (or approaching that number real fast). That means since some 4s are still viable in SR some people are horizontally scrolling through 100 (or in some cases 100s) of 5s routinely to select one character. I know I have no alert better than 4 Luke for a crit boost during an alert only stage. So I have to continually scroll and assign him everytime that shows up. There has to be a better way to display so selection can be quicker.

Maybe put an arrow above the one row that shows up on this screen

And have that be a button the player can press to expand the menu to look more like the roster UI which displays several rows at a time. Not an absolute fix but as little as it is, it does save some time.


Great suggestion. :blush: Can we also get an AP bar on toons when we’re selecting them? On bronze I like to max all toons AP so it’s ready for legendary, but sometimes it’s hard to keep track of who’s ready and who needs charging.


Don’t need but would be nice. though the configuration restrictions probably make the number of teams one may have to scroll through irritating in its self unless it filters all that have a toon in the line up that make the team selectable.

I’ll take other improvements first.


Yes absolutely. I still have 4* Guardian Jesus and run him routinely behind a Dwight lead on walker stages and it is an absolute pain in the ass to scroll through my roster to get to him everytime.


For 85% of the entire road, I use the same team. It’s a royal pain in the ass every time to switch out 2 or 3 toons and have to swap weapons. If they would do more walker or human stages back to back it would be a little less of a pain but it seems like every other stage requires a tweak. It’s annoying. Just being able to set up an unrestricted human, walker, and hybrid team would alleviate 90% of my having to swap around leaving just a handful of restricted stages. With a dozen slots, they could also be set up and saved once we fill in the blanks.

We all know the game needs work. I just don’t see how this would require much effort on their part to implement this into the game. Once it’s there I highly doubt if anyone wouldn’t use it. Does anyone manually make their raid team every time? Does anyone manually make their defensive team during war? Nope, we all have a bunch of presets ready to go. Now imagine how awful that would be if we had to because this is exactly how survival road functions currently.


I say we don’t need this just this past SR tournament I was able to auto the whole thing with dwight lead and my six star blues with my raider weapons. Took care of walkers and humans and both for the most part. Ofc I had to switch out for the all color stages but that is not very often and I only died 3 times during the event. Call me the exception and not the rule but I don’t think its as bad as people make them out to be. This is coming from someone who is level 400 in daily SR and competed in alot of DRs for top 10 till I became level 125 and slow roll f2p to get thru legendary and get my lilfth.


Well your clearly in the minority as 87% of the players would. I would be willing to be you 1000 coins that if it were already in the game you would be using it even with your expertise in sr.

I use the same team 85% of the time as I’m sure the most of us do but still having to swap is a pain in the ass, You ignored the part where I said to imagine having to manually do this every single raid and every single attack in war. It would be just as annoying if all we had was the last team and autofill.


I think what your missing is I do not NEED this feature. I’d take it for free, but I overall in the quality of life department this is very low on my want list.