The Next Prize Unlock?


What is the next unlock here :-)?


Guys tell me, creating a theme, it is immediately created? Or after many hours?


I think everyone knows the formula by now.

Spend + Spend + Spend = low percentage to get something good at the end



Thank You!

Worth it?

Are those 2 Lillith and 2 Aden?


the last offer will be in the region of £99 and, based on scopley’s last cock up, you wont get the final reward anyway



Are those Adens or Yseslis?


Uly :slight_smile:


Wow, not even a guaranteed 6* at the end. Just gear. Typical scopely.


Theres 1 more offer… Smh


Last offer is 6th with ascendable toon but i stopped at offer 5. :slight_smile: Maybe someone buy the 5th offer and we can see the final 6th offer rewards.


Ahh my bad then


Jesus Christ all that BS with the "buy one more, you’re almost there! crap!!


I’m very curious about which toons are in the final box :thinking:



Oh, so spend lots of money for shit ascendables… Nice


Clem is good. Though i recall some1 once said something along the lines of “there are a lot of things i’d do for clem. This isnt one of them”


Not worth it at all. The first time they did it had better toons. Yellow Jesus, Bruce, decap Sandy and blue Konrad.


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