The Next Museum Collection Ascendable: :fast: Vincent

Will you be going after him for 12,000 pieces of cripsy :bacon: ?

…or going for gear (GPS / Canteens)? Both? Anyone use him as a main defense leader or on attack and wants to share their thoughts about him?


What are his stats?

Sorry, I posted one above for ya. Also, you can see maxed stats in the Ascension tower (in-game).

I won’t choose him.
6* gear will be my priority. Vincent is no use except on attack and he’s not the best.

Vincent. You can always get gear, you can’t always get Vincent.


After around 30 pulls and no carl , I’m going Vincent


I agree with @Verdeiwsp nice to always have options. Gear will get used on toons that will also be irrelevant so neither is really full proof.

Do we know what other options there are? Id consider other Ascendance stuff as I have 12 I’m locked from ascending.

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Seems like most misuse him and use like yich. You want to make ppl have to think how hard to hit someone.

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Is this the new event?

Probably get gear for Gator!

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I can’t get t4 now and improve. By the time I ascend Vincent he might be irrelevant.

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I will go for Vincent


Vincent kind of sucks. I’ll stick with gear this go.



Also, now that it seems they are releasing these semi-decent promos as f2p through these events, spenders should be more cautious on what to spend and what not to spend on promo recruits :wink:

Unless you want that shiny new toon first then no one’s stopping ya

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Is this a new event or wishful thinking?

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New event. Rehash of the golden nuggets event, except with Vincent instead of Wyatt


I always will get the characters, no matter how shitty. Even if that was blue shane or beta, I’d still get it regardless. Plus, for anyone without a carl, he could work decently until they can get one.


Best part about this is the 5* version is a Citizen, so it shouldn’t take too long to upgrade him


Ill probably do the Vincent grab. I got a few line up ideas that could benefit from a changeup on lead and it will benefit me more based on my builds


I’ll go for him since my team is still stuck in pretty much 5* land, probably done if I fail to get him since I just missed on Wyatt.