The next meta shift in predicting

So I’m predicting that daiyru is gonna be much worse than we get daiyu
So why am I saying this
This is purely because of how infection works
Infection is more op the less turns it has
If for example it’s Mr Jones it’s not really op because it’s 3 turns sure the toon has to either heal fully 2 times in 3 turns or just smack that mckensie ar before… Well they automatically die
Daiyus is a turn 2 active at a 150% that lasts 2 turns (note standard not s class) which is much worse because they have to fully heal for 1 turn and 50% the other or well… You die of aids inflicted by a hot Tokyo biker chick a truly sad yet good way to go
But knowing s class we know there actives tend to get more powerful
And I’m predicting that her s class will have it as a turn 1 active
… Now I know what your thinking… How would this be bad… Well simple of infection is only 2 turns and it can applied turn 1 that means a toon can automatically be killed on turn 2 regardless of… Defense or health… Combined with well wangfa is basically means daiyru + wangfa = a 4 v 5 because they can remove any toon they want because daiyu going I diagnose you with Std… And then they ain’t coming back
Now that sounds like bs… But knowing scopley they could build up to whales being granted the god like power of snapping their finger and… Bye bye toon note this is speculation and hopefully it won’t happen but we won’t know til she comes so just pray

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Didn’t you quit playing?

If you could predict anything you would win the lottery or something like that.

No I tried to off myself because I almost had some nudes leaked to turn out it was a scam that was trnya get money off me and that they wernt gonna leak them… Its old news and I apologised for it but they probs took that down
I still play but not as much because cod

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It did sound you was in need of some serious psychiatric help when screaming for help and posting your telephone number here on the forum. Well, life goes on as always and it is good you didn’t ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ about stupid mistakes. :+1:t2:

This is how they end the bleed meta they have just introduced whilst also ending control teams. Both of these usually tend to win battles over more than 3 or 4 turns. It will all be about speed teams after that toon drops.

Unfortunately if people still want to spend their money for every latest toon then we should let them. Since the majority of the player base still collects items for the current toons and cannot even beat those def teams of big spenders it won’t really change a lot when those get again an advantage by getting new stuff.

Not for me, it’ll change a lot. With Laopo I can take on almost all of those teams as long as they aren’t led by Raulito. If my toons will auto die turn 3 or 4 with nothing I can do about it I’m screwed.

For most the s’class meta will be the only meta for a long time lol for spenders it’s the mod meta

Then it will become all about healing, if that stops infection

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ZACH will be a must have


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