The next login event


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dont give them any ideas.


Only if it’s AJAX


Oh wow, my condolences to anyone lucky enough to pull him. He was horrible this past weekend. He just stood there, didnt even break out into the YMCA song. So disappointed


Red shield with a bound weapon without stun :rofl:. If anyone pulled for him they deserve it especially since blue is the one color that has some really f2p hard-hitting toons.


I think he would be a disappointment EVEN with a stun. My blues hit so hard, they pretty much ignore stuns anyway. I can have 4 of them stunned and still win lol


I didn’t see any in the top 20 this CRW using him so I’m guessing people really didn’t bother pulling for him.

My guess he will become the first f2p 6-star human shield…in about a year from now. :smirk:


Eeerf … sounds sooo likely to happen :disappointed:


he works great with this


the fact he has a perfect weapon in less than a perfect week of purchase is suspect on your end… just saying


Unless they coined a ton of crafts which is possible depending on how big of a spender they are.


sure anything is possible


Can I see your whole team please?



Defense or Health mods? Would you mind showing them?



Thanks Pray. I’m planning on doing defense also. Just need some better mods.


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