The next BattlePass

I reluctantly gave up 20$ to get the key, after pretty round agreement that it was a good deal.

Down to the wire here and have to prepare for the next one. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I have the gear and roster to make it through all the tiers again. Anyone else feeling the same?

I think some of the missions were a bit rough for some of the playerbase. If I was a bit new or quite a casual player I might recommend against making it an early purchase.


I waited until the end for this very reason. I think they could back off the gas a little bit for the next pass, some of those weeks I really had to burn stuff I really didn’t want to (the tier up with rings comes to mind).

Also, wtf is a Burt token for this week? does that just mean get 50 Burts? where the hell am I going to get that many Burts?

and where the hell am I going to get 35K armory tokens when im stuck in a league I can’t compete in?


Raid tournament this week

War drops burts I believe - if that’s any help

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thinking back on my last war, I probably opened 100 crates and got less than 10. Fingers crossed I guess

Do the leftover tokens/points work for the next Battlepass? I hope so!

No, nothing is carried over

In this last week, I will be able to complete just all the missions of the battle pass, and thanks to the daily missions with what I have just managed to complete all the battle pass free, in general, they seemed to me very good missions, perhaps they were not fair for the new players, some were difficult to do, it turned out to be a good event, I give it an 8/10 since the rewards were quite regular.

I’m in line with this, I will have hit all the milestones without buying weekly points (I bought the key, not any extra points) so I think they calculated the weekly totals and expectations well.

I would be totally ok if they backed it off just a notch next season. For instance, 100 6* lvl ups instead of 150. I’ve got to make the toons ive got last!

I was doing ok I til the last 2 weeks. Completely skipped 3 of the missions this past week. (Psst. You can’t make me level a 6* I don’t want to, much less multiple ones.)

I think I have an ace in the hole for the next one though :smiling_imp:


I did buy some of the battlepass points bags early on, and regret that I did as I finished it all with 19days still left to go, so the past couple weeks missions have been redundant. I have been preparing for the next one though by hoarding my daily mission bags. If it uses the same format then I’ll have a nice headstart to the next one and won’t purchase points.

I do like it for what it gives though, but I wish the coins would transfer as I’m at 2350coins, and will not get the 150 I need to get the Rick cards.


Traded in Rubin cubes and got 70 Burts…mission accomplished.

There’s usually a trainer pack with 30-60 Burt trainers on the store once every few days, for around 315 coins. That’s the fastest way, to get them in bulk. You can get the rest from daily missions :slight_smile:

If there’s something I’ve noticed about scopely recently, it’s that they actually have been giving out a good shot at collecting things when it’s required for the mission. Everyone was whining about the torches, and they had an event. Complain AFTER.

If I waited to bellyache like you are suggesting, I wouldn’t be getting these tips from other players on how they are knocking out milestones.

Fail fast and pivot early.

Wouldn’t know. Don’t need the tips. I was just suggesting that people wait to jump on the “you made it too hard with no way of doing it” train. That’s the first thing people do when they see something “hard” in this game.

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